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  • No, they're doing it for $$$

    Absolutely not. The media only reports on "juicy" news stories that'll gain public attention and interest. They don't report on all news items. Even in each individual news story reported, the media doesn't report everything, doesn't report thoroughly and evenly of all sides - only details the public wants to hear is reported, as reporting everything will bore the public and they lose audience. News items are reported in a way that their audience wants to hear, regardless if the tone/style/opinion etc. actually represents the truth, culminating in bias. They're reluctant to report in a truthful accurate manner if it infuriates their viewers against them, leading to lost subscription and advertising revenue. It's all about gaining and keeping audiences, maximizing subscription and ad revenue, not reporting the truth or reporting in the public's best interest. News agencies have nothing to do about morality or public well-being. When they say so, it's a lie.

    Posted by: Viet

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