• Non-Christians Burn in Hell!

    The Devil has corrupted nearly every lost sinner who does not believe in God! They deserve to burn in hell for such horrible crimes they have committed. Non-Christians, are Satan's demons, but in human form, sent here to destroy the world and bring sin upon every living thing. Christians should stay away from Atheists, Muslims, and Satanists! Resist the devil, and he shall flee from you!

  • If you ain't praisin the good lord you're performing devil worship..

    Jesus is the only way to live. If you ain't praisin Jesus, you've got the blood of satan coursing through your body. It's like the gays. The gays are disobeying the word and for that they are actively doing the work of the devil in hell. Praise the lord and deport the gays #MAGA.

  • Yes, people that don't look to Jesus Christ as a leader have been corrupted by the devil.

    This argument can be supported simply and logically. As of today, Christianity is the largest religion, which means it is a fair assumption to make that almost everybody on Earth has been exposed to Christianity in some form. Of the largest three monotheistic religions, the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, Christianity is the only one that has a leader that it devoted to world peace and cooperation. Judaism's idol of Moses is expected by the Jewish population to come back and wage a war that will rid the world of all Jewish people, and the leader of Islam, Muhammad, lead a war to rid the world of all non-muslims, neither of these leaders are what anybody would call peaceful, which lets Christianity stand alone.

  • I am a skeptic who denies Abrahamic influence. Buddhism is my best religion, which I almost follow. But I lack a belief in God and

    I am a skeptic who denies Abrahamic influence. Buddhism is my best religion, which I almost follow. But I lack a belief in God and believe it cannot be proven. I am a skeptic who denies Abrahamic influence. Buddhism is my best religion, which I almost follow. But I lack a belief in God and believe it cannot be proven.

  • Non-Believers do the Devil's Work

    Whoever makes a practice of sinning, is of the Devil (1 John 3:8). This proves that the Bible says that Non-Christians are the Devil's Spawn, for all have sinned and fall short to the Glory of God (Rom. 3:23). Only those who do the Lord's work will go to heaven (Matt. 7:21), and are not of the devil.

  • According to Genesis 1:27

    Oxford English Dictionary: Spawn [mass noun] (derogatory) - "The product or offspring of a person or place." ex. 'the spawn of Satan'

    Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."

    Is God the spawn of Satan? No.

    Is Adam the spawn of Satan? No.

    Are all humans the spawn of Adam? Yes.

    Are all Non-Christians human? Yes.

    If Adam was made in God's image, and God isn't the spawn of Satan, and all humans are the spawn of Adam, and Adam isn't the spawn of Satan, and all Non-Christians are human, are Non-Christians the spawn of Satan? No.

  • Even a ancient Bible has stated about other Deities and religions

    There was found a ancient handcopied Bible that had in Genesis this bit: The Judeo/Christian Deity was telling Adam to leave those other groups of people he saw alone. For the Deity informed him that they were the 'children' of other Deities. In that ancient Bible, the Deity admitted that there are other Gods.
    Also, one has to remember that God is NOT a name. But instead is a title given to a higher power. One that tends to have worshipers
    Upright morality is NOT the sole province of any single religion. But is the core factor of many major religions of the world. This includes Shinto, Christianity, Hindu, Celtic, Judaism, Buddhism, etc..
    Be the guiding factor is the three or seven fold law of the Celtic religion(depending on the region it was/is in), Karma from India, the Golden Rule from Christianity, or any of the other religion's guiding laws of behavior. All basically are stating to be good to one's neighbors and to help out.
    To say that all non-Christians are heading to the Christian form of punishment. Is wrong on so many levels. Since the person who has done so, they have just consigned all of the good folks of past, present, and future. No matter what that person's religion was/is. This includes Mary, mother of Jesus. She was Jewish. So was the man who raised Jesus as his own son. That being Joseph. In fact the person has in their own words consigned to the Christian place of punishment all the Jewish folks that the Christians revere. Be it King David, King Solomon, Moses, etc...

  • It is stupid

    Why are people who are non-Christians devil's spawn? It is like a Buddhist saying that people who aren't Buddhist are evil and other religions. People aren't evil just because they don't believe in the same things as you. Wouldn't you think it was dumb if a kid said that since you don't believe in Santa you are bad?

  • Spawn ? ?

    I'm assuming this is mostly talking about atheists. Most atheists come from a religious background and change their beliefs based on reason and logic and lack of evidence. So are these atheists that are born into a christian households only the spawns of Satan after they leave Christianity or before they leave it too.

  • What are you thinking?!

    Don't you think that if all Non-Christians were the Devil's spawn that the world would be in complete and utter chaos? Also, Christians aren't the only people who believe in God. Muslims believe in God, and so do Jews! They just worship God in a different way. Also, even if people don't believe in God, it doesn't mean that they are a horrible person, or the Devils spawn!

  • There is no such thing as Satan. Whats wrong with you people!?

    No, Just fucking no! They cant be the spawn of Devil Existence of the world, First of all many ancient texts has defined the word Satan as an fallen creation of God as an angel who causes evil and making sins to Mankind during that timeline and he was defeated by Gods Angels invasion of Goodness...

    And no basically in this modern Society there is no such thing as "Satan" ITs just a myth to call someone evil human being who behaves in a evil behavior... To be honest Evil is basically an choice of a person lifestyle.. If god allowed us abilities personally to choose between the two things in Life... Then that's it...

  • Mom and dad say No.

    I m an atheist, and neither of my parents is the devil. I was raised in a family of Lutherans and share most christian values, just not the belief that god exists. In fact Satan does not exist at all. Evil is the work of man not unseen demons, and those who call themselves christians are as capable of evil as those who call themselves other things.

  • No they are NOT

    Just because someone doesn't believe in the holy book or Jesus doesn't mean that there a spawn of satin there are a lot of amazingly good people in the world that just don't follow god.So if you knew a good person you'd you scream in there face and say "YOUR A SPAWN OF SATIN DEMON CHILD!" and go on about your normal day? I don't think so. So next time have a heart and think before you condemn someone to a bad place last time I checked none is Jesus.

  • Why is this even here?

    Just because someone doesn't share the same views as you shouldn't mean that they are horrible people. You are just saying that people who aren't the same as you should burn?

    Do you think Steven Hawking is the devel's spawn? You guys are no better than the Nazis. I know great people who aren't Christian.

  • You can't be serious, right?

    Everyone has different believes or non believes and no one should be judged for them. Do the Yes voters want to establish a theocracy and a Christian version of the Taliban and a religious police or something like that? We're not living in the dark ages anymore. (At least most of us)

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