Are nondenominal churches a step in the wrong direction for religion?

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  • No, they're a step in the right direction.

    Christianity was never supposed to diverge into various denominations. Denominations have largely been established based on doctrinal disagreements and arguments within the church. If a church wishes to follow what the Bible says literally, and not get into various little things about doctrinal differences, then this is a good thing. Jesus expected for the church to be one body, not divisional and divisive.

  • Not necessarily the case

    Even though I think a church/religion having a denominator is somewhat important, I would not say it is necessarily the wrong direction. As long as they practice rightful religion beliefs and go about doing so in a positive way, I really do not see how being a nondenominal is really wrong.

  • They serve a purpose.

    No, nondenominational churches are not a step in the wrong direction for religion, because nondenominational churches meet needs for some people who are not interested in long discussions about the specifics of whether one particular doctrine is more correct than another. People should have the choice to attend nondenominational churches if they want to.

  • Religion will survive their vagueness, and might even improve.

    I'm not a very religious person, but what I do believe about religion is basically that (1) A God of my personal understanding exists, (2) He doesn't care how I praise him, as long as I do praise him, just make sure to (3) Treat others the way I would want to be treated. With those tenets in mind, I don't think that there is anything wrong with non-denominational churches.

  • There is no wrong direction

    Separating and dividing churches is a weird concept in itself, but some denominations believe and worship differently than others, and that's perfectly acceptable as long as people realize that the one objective virtue is to get along and be at peace with one another. Nondenominational churches contribute to this belief and don't dilute religion whatsoever.

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