• What if its True?

    Most of the non denominational churches neglect to be Truthful
    from the WORD OF THE LORD.
    JESUS, is the Way the Truth and the Light.
    Repentance is necessary and then Faith to Believe
    even though you do not see but with the eyes of Faith.
    Falling into Sin and Walking in Sin are 2 very different factors.
    Jesus gave His All that All would not be Lost, Simply Jesus.

  • They keep it nice and simple.

    No, nondenominational churches aren't what I would consider as "too unorganized." The fact is that if you're praising God, you don't need a bureaucracy to back you up. Not everyone needs or wants a church with a bunch of structure or hierarchy behind it. The nondenominational churches keep it simple.

  • I don't think so

    I don't think that nondenominational churches are unorganized. Of course, if you mean a hierarchy akin to that of the Catholic church, with the headquarters and one leader who oversees each parish, then yes, nondenominational churches do not have such organization. But as far as services, activities, and charity efforts go, everything is properly organized.

  • Nondenominational Churches Good for Christianity

    There's nothing wrong with nondenominational churches in Christianity. In fact, they are probably better than fundamentalist churches that have certain dogmas. The need for donations often leads to fiery sermons and brazen attitudes. A Christian church that doesn't have a particular faith or opinion about the Bible allows more freedom of thought and better parishioners.

  • Nondenominational churches are not too unorganized.

    Nondenominational churches are not too unorganized. I think that they allow people of any faith to be accepted and worship as they please. People have a right to believe and practice any faith that they want to and should. I do not think that nondenominational churches are too unorganized and should be accepted.

  • Just More Open Minded

    I do not believe non-denominational churches are too unorganized. If anything, these churches tend to be more open minded and understanding of the different interpretations of the Bible. I think they are more apt to get to the heart of Christianity which is less judgment and more understanding. Religion was not intended to divide people, it was meant to bring them together.

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