Are novels nothing else but the society in writing?

  • Novels Are A Mask For Society in Writing

    Yes, novels are a recording of society in writing, written through the lens of fiction. A novelist is incapable of escaping the societal influences of the society of which the novelist is writing in, therefore, the novel is a model and microsm of that society in which the novelist writes.

  • Novels Are More

    Novels are much more than the society in writing. It is true that many novels are a reflection of or a commentary on the society in which the author lives. However, novels offer us much more perspective. A novel's character, for example, can show us positive or negative traits we carry ourselves and can help us imrpove on those.

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DebateGirl221 says2013-08-13T06:19:01.853
What do you mean by "society"? Are you talking politics, technology, or the whole package?