Are nuclear power plants the solution to our burgeoning power needs?

  • Nuclear Power Plants are good for the environment

    When you see a nuclear power plant it's like when you see a tree. They're both good for the environment hence the name plant. It also is good for human and animal health. When put next to one they reverse their age and can now see into the future. Nuclear power plants are good.

  • No, nuclear power plants are a danger to everyone.

    Whenever nuclear power plants are used to help solve energy needs in any area, tragedy is usually a result. Nuclear power plants are either easily compromised and result in environmental and health damage to the surrounding population, or they are continually sought after by people with nefarious intentions who would abuse the power.

  • No, nuclear power is not a good overall solution for the world's energy needs.

    Non-renewable sources of fuel such as oil and coal have myriad problems: not only does the world have a finite amount of these resources, but they also cause environmental problems. While nuclear power has the potential to take over some of the world's energy needs from fossil fuels, environmental problems with the storage of nuclear waste, not to mention the potential for environmental catastrophe from nuclear accidents, makes nuclear power too hazardous an option for widespread power needs.

  • No, nuclear power plants are not the solution to burgeoning power needs.

    Nuclear power plants do not represent the solution to ever-growing power needs and demands. The reality is that there is not one energy resource sufficient to solve burgeoning power demands. In fact, a comprehensive approach to meeting energy demands that includes more traditional, alternative and nuclear options represents the true solution to meeting energy demands today and into the future.

  • Nuclear power plants create pollution and pose potential for danger.

    Nuclear power plants pollute the atmosphere and contribute to the greenhouse effect. Their use should be limited when possible. Furthermore, the Japanese earthquake of several years ago demonstrated the dangers of nuclear power plants in the wake of natural disasters; it has irradiated areas of Japan irrepairably and has poisoned the oceans.

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