• They kill all.

    Yes, nuclear weapons are the future of warfare, because every country that even thinks about using one against the United States knows that they will have one used in return. This is the only thing that keeps Russia, North Korea, and Iran from using their own mass destruction weapons on us.

  • Small-Scale but Deadly Drones Are The Future

    While nuclear weapons aren't going away anytime soon, I see things like drones -- or radar-invisible weapons that can carry out their dirty work on a small scale -- as the future of warfare. Likewise is true of more sophisticated technology that removes us, as humans, from the work of killing our enemies.

  • No, nuclear weapons are not the future.

    I do not think that nuclear warfare is the future. I think that its time has already come and gone. While it is something that society and the world should always fear, I do not think there are many countries out there willing to risk their nation for the sake of such a warfare.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe nuclear weapons are the future of warfare. If they are, then my as well get it over with and end the entire human race. I think nuclear weapons are actually a thing of the past. Yes, we still have them, but I think we will see a push in the future to ban them from the planet.

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