Are nuclear weapons the most critical threat facing the United States?

  • Yea it is nuclear weaponry.

    Because it is. It just is. You know what I mean? Do you? Nuclear Weaponry is because it JUST IS. You getting it? You getting the vibes flowing? It is because it just is with no support or argument needed. I am just trying to fill in these 50 required words to say that I am right because I always am. So if I say nuclear weaponry is the greatest threat, then it shall and it is. Because I say so. Thank you for your time.

  • There is not one thing providing a better threat, than Nuclear Weaponry.

    I believe we do have problems facing us today, however disease has a high chance of being cured before millions died, guns don't clear out high amounts of people in 1 second and I don't personally believe in any religious threat towards our country. I do however, fear Nuclear Weaponry. It is obtained by many dangerous enemies of the United States far too easily. Not only that, with the way the cyber security threats have been recently, they could easily fall into the hands of basically anyone. We do have the power to retaliate, but do we really want to risk losing millions of people over someone's misguided opinion on every single citizen in our country?

  • It’s already been enough

    Think about it U.S was the first to ever try out the necluar weapons, they basically committed sucide, by listening. They’ve already sent missals two times, so U.S is a double threat. How are we are self going to feel better if we are just hurting some whom Maybe didn’t mean to hurt us. I mean think about not every gets a word, and what they belive in...

  • The nuclear weapons race is perpetuated by the US stockpile.

    The US has always had the most advanced and the biggest amount of nuclear weapons. If we want to lessen the threat of nuclear war we should do more to show the world we are dismantling our stockpile of weapons. The US is the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon. We have the technology to answer any nuclear attack with an even more powerful counter attack. All countries know this so would probably never use nuclear weapons against the US, it would be suicidal.

  • Nuclear weapons are not the most critical threat facing the United States of America.

    I believe the greatest threat to the U.S. Is our need to regulate away the possibility of physical harm. By this I mean the passing of legislation to placate a lobbyist intent on furthering a political agenda. This is done by feeding off of a tragedy, seeking votes by passing a law to ensure the tragedy will not happen again. This has led the U.S. Away from our founding fathers intention of a self governing society to the reliance on our politicians to keep us safe from the world around us. Our strength as a nation has always come from the independent spirit and self-reliance our country's founders based the constitution, declaration of independence and the bill of rights on.

  • No, they're not

    If nuclear weapons are utilized, it's obviously a world changing event that is bad for everybody. That said, think about the past year, think about just yesterday. The biggest threat facing the United States is that we've completely lost our ability to treat each other like human beings or value human life. The random acts of violence have done nothing but increase, our problem is that we're getting close to having to say a prayer every time we step out the front door in our own country.

  • Nuclear weapons are the the most critical threat.

    The most critical threat to the United States is the countries behind the weapons, not the weapons themselves. Without the people, the nuclear weapons would be useless. Without different countries wanting the ultimate power, we would not be in so much danger of a war. North Korea is really to far from the United States to cause much damage.

  • The U.S. Is The Biggest Threat To Itself

    Nuclear weapons are a concern to the United States, but an even bigger threat is the massive amount of debt that has been incurred. This debt doesn't seem to be something the the U.S. can get out of. Tax hikes and budget cuts don't seem to be helping. It seems that the U.S is imploding from within.

  • I don't think so

    The threat of nuclear weapon used against the US if overblown. It's the same boogeyman used during the cold war. Realistically, those with nuclear weapons know that they could potentially destroy the whole world, or at least a portion of it, using nuclear weapons. The event of somebody getting and detonating a WMD is extremely small.

  • No, nuclear weapons are not the most critical threat facing the United States because there are dozens of things that should be solved first.

    I believe that nuclear weapons are a crucial issue and a portion of our government defenses should be focused on nuclear weapons all over the world. In my opinion, however, there are more crucial issues such as gay rights, the power of religion in the government, tolerance, and the entire split of our government. If we are split right down the middle on so many issues how can we ever agree on something such as "pushing the red button"?

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