Are nurses to blame for the declining quality of health care?

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  • Nurses help in the quality of healthcare

    Nurses are the ones who interact the most with patients. They all care very much about them and go out of the way to help them. They have a very hard job with bad hours and pay but they do it for the love of health and the patients. There is no way nurses are responsible for any decline in health care.

  • Nurses are not to blame for the declining quality of health care.

    Although the nurse may be in direct contact with patients, ultimately the ineptitude of the nurse is not their fault. Their ineptitude in offering the best care may be due to poor organization or a poor educational background. Similarly their ineptitude may be due to a poor screening by the employer.

  • No

    Nurses are not to blame for declining health care standards. The culprits in this issue are most likely health insurance companies and hospitals. Insurance companies and hospitals have it in their own interests to make a lot of money and not to spend it on actual health care. They don't want to spend money so that they can make a nice big profit. This will obviously lead to declining health care if all the money is going into the fat cats' pockets.

  • No, nurses are doing their job. ObamaCare is not, though.

    ObamaCare is what is lowering the quality of healthcare. Nurses are not to be blamed at all. When ObamaCare takes affect next year it will become harder and harder to find good quality healthcare. Everything is going to be about the government making money. Hospital staff are already making less money than they ever have and working more hours than they ever.

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