• He supports lobbyists.

    Yes, Obama-related scandals are comparable to Watergate, because Obama is corrupt in so many different ways. Obama was friends with people who were a part of the weather underground. There is also credible evidence that Obama was not even born in the United States and is thus not even legally the president. The media sweeps it all under the rug.

  • No They Aren't

    I am completely unaware of any scandals involving Obama, so I have to assume these are false allegations until proven otherwise. I believe a lot of people want to blame everything that is wrong with this country on the current president, but these problems started before he got here and only his policies to fix these issues have been lack luster. Point the blame to the administration that deserves it, the Bush administration. Obama hasn't been involved in any scandals and if he was they would be investigated and brought forward, so nothing he has done is anything remotely like Watergate.

  • Obama-related scandals are not comparable to Watergate.

    Obama-related scandals are not comparable to Watergate. The Watergate scandal was uncovered when members of the Republican Party were caught snooping around in Democratic headquarter offices. The Watergate Scandal involved the use of bugs to monitor Democrat activity. Obama-related scandals are not perpetrated against Obama's competing political party, but rather they are related to inconsistencies within his own administration.

  • No, Obama-related scandals are not comparable to Watergate.

    Even though I think the scandals that the Obama administration are dealing with are bad enough to warrant his impeachment, I do not think they are comparable to the Watergate scandal. The Watergate scandal was a smoking gun to the Nixon administration. I think there should be more of a greater investigation though to the scandals with Obama..

  • Not at all

    No, Obama has not been a part of any of the scandals that have taken place in the country today, and I think that he is a very honest man. I think that water gate was a very serious scandal, and that that is why Nixon was the one impeached.

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