Are Obama's cuts to Medicare worse than Romney's?

  • Obama's more right-wing

    Obama's cuts are de facto worse because Romney never got into the presidency. He actually was more progressive as governor of Massachusetts than Obama has been as president. That should tell you something. It's simply ridiculous to compare the two, and we should stop doing it. Obama is a fraud.

  • Yes

    Obama's cuts to Medicare ignore the functional cost drivers: Medicare isn't expensive because we overpay per procedure. In fact, Medicare frequently pays at or below cost, forcing a cross subsidy on private insurers. Hence, the President's proposal to cut reimbursements not only ignores they aren't at issue, it ignores our history of Medicare cuts. Where per procedure rates have been cut, providers tend to respond by increasing volume of procedures.

    Vouchers aren't a panacea, but they do embrace the management of care necessary to control total costs.

  • No, Obama's cuts to Medicare are not worse than Romney's.

    No, I don't believe that Obama's cuts to Medicare are worse than Romney's. While Romney's campaign tried to exaggerate the size of the Obama's Medicare cuts and emphasize the negative effects it would have, they weren't able to successfully argue the point because Obama also passed the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare. This new plan offset the cuts that Obama proposed to Medicare, and so Romney's cuts to Medicare were actually worse.

  • Romney Would Have Privatized Medicare Thanks to Ryan's Plan

    Obama wants to cut Medicare costs, but replace them with provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Romney would have delved deeper and could have possibly privatized Medicare under Paul Ryan's plan had that ticket won the White House. Medicare isn't perfect, but Obama's cuts wouldn't have been felt as deeply as Romney's.

  • No.

    Medicare is a government insurance program. It's paid for by USA citizens for USA citizens. Romney wants to give health vouchers like food stamps. This adds a middleman between the government voucher money and the healthcare facility. Over the years politicians have exploited medicare to get the vote of the older generations that are dependent or enjoying the benefits of Medicare. Obama wants to try to lessen the impact of Medicare on the tax payers. Romney wants to create a middleman (Private Insurer's). I feel more comfortable seeing my taxes go from the government to the healthcare providers directly.

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