• Obama Too Lax on Foreign Policy

    Without a doubt, Obama's foreign policy goals are too modest to say the least. He needs to make better goals and take a firmer stance against the country's foes. This includes Iran, China, and North Korea. Obama's foreign policy could use an overhaul in order to better position the United States.

  • They are not.

    Obama's foreign policy goals are not too modest. They are probably the most realistic foreign policy goals that a president has set in a very long time. Unlike other foreign policy goals that are extravagant and will never happen, Obama has set goals that can be obtained which is a nice change.

  • No, he has done too much.

    No, Obama's foreign policy goals are not too modest, because he has done very little in the arena of foreign policy. Obama has done nothing while Egypt falls to Muslim extremism. Obama did nothing while Americans and the American ambassador died in Lybia. Obama wants to appease everyone, but these countries want America to cease to exist. Obama cannot make them happy.

  • No too modest is not the right words

    Calling Obama's foreign policy goals too modest is not the right word for them. The issue here is that he does not fully understand what he is doing with foreign policy. He has his own agenda and it does not involve foreign policy. His policy is too blind not too modest.

  • No, Obama has decent foreign policy goals.

    I believe that the President has decent goals in regards to foreign policy. His demands are decent and I believe that the Presidents goal of scaling back war overseas and trying to play the role of parlay to be a good one. Not all people will agree with this, but it's how I feel.

  • No, I think he is realistic.

    We cannot solve all problems around the world as if we have nothing to do here at home. I think Obama is trying to achieve the goal of having people realize they need to achieve their own goals nationally. His foreign policy approach seems to keep a respectful distance when it can, as if acknowledging that other countries are capable of solving their own problems. I don't think the US needs to be involved across the globe, and Obama is treating other countries as grown ups who can work out their own destinies, and I think he gets more respect because of that.

  • No

    I think Obama's foreign policies are in the right path. It's a good idea to keep allies and friend and not be policemen of the world by worrying about other countries problems when we need to invest in our own. It is good to keep it this way so we my have friends in the future

  • No, being too extreme in foreign policy causes problems

    It is imperative that a leader knows how to handle things when it comes to foreign policy. President Obama's foreign policy goals are not extreme--they seem to walk that thin line of working towards the good of the people, while not imposing his own personal will on all of the peoples of the world.

  • No, Obama's foreign policy goals are not too modest. I believe that no extreme solutions should be taken.

    After recent incidents with Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama is correct in wanting to be cautious, but at the same time not be cowardly. He mentions that the solution is not to run inward, but to confront the problem. I agree because I believe that we should not act like an overly confrontational country, but at the same time we do not want to appear weak and unable to take initiative.

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