• Yes, they are both socialists.

    Yes, Obama's policies are similar to Fidel Castro's, because they both have socialist policies that are center around government control. Both Obama and Castro think that the government needs to tell the people what to do, and that the government is smarter than individuals voting with their own preferences. Castro and Obama both want to control their people.

  • Not even Close

    First of all, Obama didn't use force to overthrow a dictatorship, he didn't implement a socialist experiment in the united states, he didn't raise the literacy rate from 60-70% to 99%, and he didn't provoke a close nuclear war. All of those things Castro did, nothing of which obama would have ever done.

  • Not even closely similar.

    Obama didn't overthrow a government by force. He didn't align with the Soviets to point world-ending weapons at his enemy's borders. He hasn't nationalized the banks, nor has he done so to every major industry in the country. Or, for that matter any industry in the country. He hasn't created an oppressive environment that punishes dissent with death, or hindered the press. What has he done? He's made sure we can all get health insurance. That's it.

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Militant_Pacifist says2013-06-05T03:42:29.973
Just no...