Are obese beauty pageants as deplorable as anorexic beauty pageants?

Asked by: sodoff
  • Both are equally each end of the scale. Unhealthy and dangerous

    We should not encourage anorexic or obese people to feel comfortable in staying in their conditions. Both are wrong and if we say one is worth less than the other it sends out the wrong message. These should not be encouraged in our society. A little bit thin or overweight is fine, but too much or too little of anything is bad. Obesity and Anorexia are both extremes.

  • They both promote unhealthy lifestyle

    Yes. In some cases all beauty pageants are some form of exploitation and those that promote obesity, anorexia, or any other unhealthy eating disorder should be discontinued. A pageant should be based on the personality and talents and the body size should not be a factor entering or winning a pageant.

  • Yes they are

    Obesity is very dangerous, we should not be celebrating it or even accepting it. Obesity is like an addiction, but it is an addiction to food. We need to help these people overcome their addiction before it kills them and not celebrate it and put it on show for people to gawk at.

  • People need to chill out

    And there aren't any anorexic beauty pageants. Or if there are they need to be shut down, since this is promoting to people that they starve themselves. But for the most part there are just some beauty pageants that idolize thinness and some women are just really thin. As for obese beauty pageants, why shouldn't these women have a place to feel good about themselves?

  • People don't try to become obese for these pagents

    The thing that disgusts most people about beauty pageants is how the models/competitors try to become skinny. Obese beauty pageant contestants don't do this, not many people try to get obese on purpose. I think it just celebrates how people can be attractive, or good people no matter what size, which is something we should celebrate.

  • Healthy plus size?

    I think that its a huge grey zone with this. The plus size pageants is out there to show that people are beautiful in all sizes, as the beauty/fashion industry has more or less no room for big people as it is today.

    Nothing wrong to simply celebrate beauty in all shapes and sizes?

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