• Oil pipelines are more dangerous than they used to be.

    Oil pipelines are more dangerous than they used to be.Oil rigs are having to dig deeper and deeper to get any product at all.This is due to the fact that people are using up the natural resources at a quicker and quicker rate therefore making the search for oil a more dangerous endeavor.

  • They Are What They Are

    I do not believe oil pipelines are money dangerous than they used to be. I believe oil pipelines are actually fairly safe, the only time the cause problems is when they leak. This can obviously be avoided of they are maintained properly. If anything we've developed products to make the safer.

  • I think they're safer than ever before.

    No, I don't think oil pipelines are any more or less dangerous than they used to be. If anything, our nearly century of knowledge regarding construction and maintenance of those pipelines has made them safer than ever before. While there's always environmental concerns whenever oil is present, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

  • Far safer today

    Oil pipelines today are far safer than they were even a few years ago - how could they not be, considering the largest industries in the world are oil companies that have billions invested a year in research and development. Oil technology makes huge leaps every year, for good reason.

  • Oil pipelines are safer than they've ever been.

    Materials, work flows, technologies, learned lessons, and ongoing research & development all add up to the conclusion that certainly, oil pipelines are safer than previous generations of pipelines. This constantly inflamed notion of oil and pipelines being dangerous is nothing more than the product of people leading with their emotions over an industry they have yet to take the time to truly research and become informed about. These notions are fueled by the simple rhetoric of mere activists, whether they be high-ranking officials or little foot soldiers. A world without oil is a world that these people would never want to spend a single day in. They don't know this because they haven't researched what it would truly mean to live in a world without oil and and all of its by-products.

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