• Yes, they are.

    Online courses are particularly good for busy students who are very good at delegating time. For myself, I need to get to school and sit in class in order to do well. Too much of a procrastinator. But I have known many that have been successful from these online classes.

  • Online Classes are better saving

    I agree, Online classes is a of saving lot of money 🤑
    Instead of paying school fees and bus fees isn't easy that same bus fee you can use it to buy Data for online classes. You can also be smarter in your own house without stress or hardship Good

  • Yes it is good

    It is good for children they save their time and give more time to studies everyday and they can learn something by online and better studies they can sit at home and study by its own and they gane confident they pass any comparative exam every year thankyou to all of you

  • They offer opportunities not available in some schools.

    Yes, online classes are great for students, especially when they are under certain circumstances and are unable to attend school everyday. Students can finish make-up work, and unfinished work easily online. Many circumstances lately cause teenage girls and young boys to drop out of school being unable to finish their diploma. They can finish at home online. Amen..

  • Online classes are good for students.

    Online classes allow for scheduling flexibility for students all over the world. Being able to attend a class through the Internet is a very convenient and productive option, because you are able to attend school while doing other things. It is also extremely nice because it reduces the amount of transportation expense required to nearly none.

  • Online classes are good for students

    With the rising cost of education, online classes have become more and more viable and important to students, especially for people who do not have the time to attend regular classes because of schedule conflicts. As the future progresses and technology advances higher and higher, more and more people will attend online universities.

  • Online classes provide a different avenue

    Online classes are different from ordinary courses in which they allow for success and for many people to attend school through a different avenue. Everyone does not always have the transportation or access to get to a campus all of the time. Online courses can help with that and allow for education from a different format.

  • They offer options.

    Yes, online classes are good for students, because students are able to take a variety of classes that they would not otherwise be able to take, especially in small communities. Online classes also help students become responsible for their own work, because there is not as much interaction with the teacher or professor.

  • Unfair so ya

    We could take an example which is Africa. There are many parents who live in poverty with their child in Africa, And the parents would most definitely want the best for their child. If they are able to get enough money to send their kid to school, It is impossible to get a good computer that works AND education. It is simply useless to have a computer and not knowing how to do simple math but it is very useful to have education since it can always be with you and give you the successful life that you want.
    Another big problem would be that Even instead of these learners, The kids who have ocd, Adhd, Epilepsy, And many other disabilities, Will not be able to learn virtually without a teacher's help right beside them.
    These kids might have a very special talent but they can not show it without a person's help.

  • No they are not good

    They are not good because you can't interact with your teacher and some things you can't understand right away. Some kids don't like being busy and the online classes are always busy. You might get bored from where you are taking the classes. Also tecnolgy might backfire on you when you try to learn.

  • We don't support, Students know the hurt of this time.

    It doesn't have sense because sometimes one couldn't talk other couldn't respond. Instead of taking a cool morning breeze, Students early morning have to open harmful screen and watch on it until evening.
    Mainly screens are harmful to eyes, For children and even teenagers feels breaking their eyes. Normally we can't wear earphones for more than half hour according to some professionals it can cause temporary hearing loss and think what happens to headphone users. The time online classes started students can't even walk in their houses. They must sit all day in the lonely room and misses to see the wonder of outer world. Students like us miss family bonding, Call of nature and suffers from physical illness by tying for hours in the same posture looking at the screen and missing the common freedom. Not only students also think teachers who also suffers the same thing. Many classes don't even give time to have breakfast. Must be hunger upto we are alive. Some give only 15 min break for having food. We can't even relax from the class took previous for 15 min, How can we have break. Many students misses the online classes and suffers because they don't have necessary needs, Did any educational institution thinked about them. If students ask this, Some says "students can bear gaming why don't online classes. " Yes we all play games but not all the time. Online classes can last upto evenings. Does any parent lives their children to play games upto evenings. Every thing should have limits. One months okay but making this a business and making children and teenagers physically collapsed and weak with no freedom of socialism is wrong. For money risking a students physical and mental health is terrible. This period is the money making institute in the name of education that don't care students life. Education must be helpful and understanding students, Torturing students for money and fees is not education. Understand that students also have lives, Blood, Passion and feelings. We are not donkey, Humans.

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varun1032 says2014-02-24T14:47:18.010
Yes i will agree that online classes are good for those student are they are handicapped or unable to attend the class .

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