Are online classes superior to in class teaching?

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  • Personally I don't think so

    I tried an online course once and it was bad. The teacher never posted homework on time, the class could be done at any time I guess but I like the in class room teaching more because then there can be a line to when its done and when its not.

  • No, online classes do not work for everyone.

    Students who choose online classes must be able to teach themselves, as you will not get one-on-one instruction from a professor as you would in a classroom. Online classes do have a "class" a student must attend once a week but it is in a chat room setting online where their classmates and professor will also attend. This "class" is called a seminar and this is where the professor does the lessons.

  • Neither online nor in class teaching is superior, they both have their pros and cons.

    Distance learning has its place and always has had even pre-Internet connectivity. It can be the best choice, however, this does not make it superior in all situations. Online classes provide accessibility and flexibility that in house classes usually lack. That said, they can fall short in terms of instructor feedback and classmate interaction which can be crucial for certain subjects. Superiority is dependent on the students needs and the type of coursework, not on the way the course is delivered.

  • No, online classes can only take you so far.

    There is certainly a place for online learning - it can be an excellent option for those who find it difficult to travel to a physical location, or who live rurally. However, it's no substitute for being in the same room with a teacher or professor and having the ability to interact, to ask questions and to learn from questions asked by other students.

  • No, online classes are not superior to in class teaching

    No, online classes are not superior to in class teaching at all because online classes cannot substitute the face to face teaching environment, which provides immense amount of support to the students. Online teaching is more like studying yourself and sometimes it can become very challenging especially when you are learning something unfamiliar.

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