• Online Reviews are Helpful

    I think that online reviews can be helpful in most cases. For example, a movie review, a review of a certain store or park, or even a review on a restaurant. These types of reviews are helpful in deciding whether or not I want to visit a certain place, see a certain movie, or eat at a certain restaurant. I have used online reviews to help me decide where I want to stay when I take my family on vacation. Experience is the best way to form an opinion about a thing or place and we can learn from the experiences of others.

  • They are, in general

    Most reputable merchandise sellers make some effort to ensure that the review posted are from actual purchasers of the products. Further, the more reviews there are, the more trustworthy those reviews appear to be, in a statistical fashion. That said, one only has to Google "Amazon review bombs" to find out what a truly critical mass of "biased" reviewers can do.

  • I trust online reviews.

    I trust online reviews because the reviews are written by people who have used the products being reviewed or have done research on the products and are using their opinion or knowledge on the product from their own experience to help others wanting to buy products online. Reviews online are not bias because it is not the manufacturer

  • I dont think so

    You shouldn't thrust people online you don't know with something important like that because it might just be a hacker trying to get his or her hands on some of your important data so its properly not a good idea to ask someone like that for anything at all ever

  • Online reviews should be not be trusted completely

    Many people who write online reviews are using the review forum to make negative comments toward the product or business. Often this is because of poor customer service and may not accurately reflect the quality of the product or business. This is why you should read reviews and then make your own decision.

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