Are online social networking sites hurting our society?

  • Indeed it is.

    Many people start to compare their life with those they see on social media. It can impact your self esteem and worth. You will be better going outside doing volunteer work and interacting with life. Stay in this 3D live world it is much more rewarding than spending your time on a pixelated screen judging people's lives

  • Yes and No

    Social media is what we make it out to be. Social media has become a way to meet people, connect with long distant people, share and explore new ideas and connect us to the world around us. Unfortunately, social media has taken a new turn.

    People want to feel important and special, so they need constant validation off their physical features and thought process. Glorifying the body over anything else is now normal. Relationships have become complicated since we can talk to several people behind our spouses back. Immoral decisions are glorified over media, ECT.

    It can be good and bad, it depends if you are the sheep or sheep header.

  • Yes, it's hurting our communication.

    Social Networking is actually hurting our society because when we start talking on technology we can say whatever and people wouldn't care about what they say. People show no emotions behind a screen without caring about others. When we get face to face it's harder to say rather than putting it behind a screen.

  • Everything in moderation is not possible with social media

    I feel as though social media has completely taken over some peoples lives, mostly the youth who did not grow up without it. I have only been around social media for about 10 years and I am almost 30 years old. When I was growing up, I was outside, playing with legos, building forts, riding bikes, playing sports, getting down with super soakers, night hide and seek, etc, expanding on my creativity and physical health. Now kids play mind craft all day and stare at there Facebook and instagram, being plagued with adds and other peoples fancy(not really) lives, instead of activities going out to find new activities with new people. I'm not saying that social media is not useful, in fact it is 100% helpful, we just way over use it and really on it for everything. These sites have taken away the drive for exploration and wonder. You only read whats on your feed instead of seeking out new and interesting thing on your own. Just brainwashed by crap that either does not matter or crap that has been happening for years all over the world and your just finding out about it and now your depressed.

  • I think that it is hurting us

    It is over running our life so we cant just live normally because we are always on our social media pages!!! I think that social media is something that we are over obsessed with social media and spend no time to make friends and be good people in our community.

  • Very much harming us.

    The digital age has speeded our pace of life up and SOCIAL MEDIA is largely contributing. People no longer live in the present or have time to contemplate things, instead they are getting lost in cyberspace.
    In the past you had to be with somebody to talk to them when you went out & people were much more friendly - now you don't and people are becoming more cliquey and ignorant with their phones.
    Public houses rarely have atmosphere these days as people keep checking Facebook and showing no interest in others. People are also too worried about their image and what people could post about them on these social web-sites, so they keep checking their profile in a climate of fear.

  • Are Social Networking Websites harmful, its simply complicated.

    Its simply complicated because denying and defying something, adopted by a greater portion of the worlds population is simply expected to face a great deal of opposition, as people tend to resist against something that has become part and parcel of their lives.
    YES, they are harmful for us and i have some genuinely valid reasons for to prove it. The first reason being becoming unsocial with those who live with you in your home I mean your family members. YES these so called social networking websites have no doubt brought the far away lands and the aliens living in the very close to you, yet they have increased the distances between the families.
    Moreover our youth has got so much absorbed in browsing through these sites that it most of the time don't even respond to their parents call, parents have become poor souls and deserted spirits.
    You mat defy my arguments stating it a buck pass by a moralist but these sites have not been proved any assault on morals only rather a big hazard on security and safety as well.

  • Online social networking sites are hurting our society.

    Online social networking sites are bad for society. There have been a lot of high profile cases of students bullying each other online via anonymous social networking sites. It is also more difficult to cultivate genuine friendships over Internet social networks. Social interaction is more superficial and it is harder to communicate.

  • Yes, it's a serious problem.

    Some people don't know how to act in social interactions, put these same people on Facebook or twitter and their golden. I'm starting to see more and more of this behavior, when trying to interact with people my age. People can be someone they are not on the internet, but in real life they have to be themselves and there's a break down there, they just can't do it.

  • Social networking is hurting our social skills with others!

    Yes, social networking is hurting our social skills with others because we are becoming less social with our peers. People in general are getting addicted to technology and are depending on it. Research even shows that facebook users are becoming less social with others in person. It is the same way with cellphone texting.

  • They are lying

    Its helps us not be alone for even a minute. It is like killing someone's friend. So I think we should do that. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . .

  • Social media funnnnnn

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  • No its fun

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  • Nope, not at all.

    Social media does help improve our society in new, innovative ways that we before we could only dream of. Social media provides a quick way to learn to be a better person, learn business skills, and catch criminals all in one package. Disagree that social media is improving our society? I'm sorry but no. I disagree with that argument.

  • They are a boon.

    They GIVE US SO MANY BENIFITS AND IMMENSLY BENEFIT MANKIND. WE HAVE TO progress and for that we need to connect with people with similar interests. Therefore, we need social networking sites so that the world becomes a global village! Why do we move backwards when the whole world is moving forward? It needs lot of thought and time to think. But my conclusion is that this gift of technology to mankind is very beneficial.

  • No they help

    No, I personally don't think that social media websites are hurting our society. I really honestly think they help our society. We get connected to everything, family, friend, restaurants, businesses. It's easy to promote your business through your Facebook or social media page and to connect to people instead of word of mouth only.

  • They're Helping Society, Not Hurting It

    Socially networking sites do more to help society than harm it. They allow people to stay connected to family and friends, and have also been a great way for people to socialize and meet individuals. It is also a way for companies to advertise products and services at a very cheap price.

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