Are open primaries the most effective method of selecting candidates for election?

  • Yes I think so.

    I think that open primaries are a good thing that help us vote in the right candidates during election time. It allows people from other parties that have similar beliefs to that candidate be able to vote for them despite not being from the same political aspect. It works out well.

  • Open primaries are great.

    I think that open primaries are a great way to ensure that the most influencial candidates can be seen by the voting populace. By having an open primary you have the ability to have up and comers rise through the ranks and get their message heard by the masses of voters.

  • No, open primaries are not the most effective method for finding candidates.

    I do not think that open primaries are the most effective way to find and select candidates for public office, etc. I think that while it is one way to go about things, I do not think it is the most effective way. But I don't think anything about it is going to change.

  • American System Is Broken

    I do not believe open primaries are the most effective method of selecting candidates for election. I believe the entire American system is broken and it has done nothing to bring promising candidates to the election ballot. I think we would be far better off if this entire system was changed and far more people were allowed on the ballot.

  • Primaries should be strictly partisan.

    I'm assuming that by open primary, it refers to "anyone can vote for any candidate, regardless of their party or the candidate's party". If that's the case, my answer is a firm no way. Primaries should be a time for the political parties to decide among themselves who they want to represent them. It should be free from outsider influence.

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