• It is morally wrong.

    Anything that damages proper relationships between human beings is wrong. This is because bonds between humans keep society together as a healthy, functioning system. Any irregularities in these bonds with disrupt the rhythm at which the social system functions. In this case, we are looking at relationships, which, although non-institutional, are a tool to prepare for the institutionalised marriage. Therefore, in preparing for marriage, we ought to impose restrictions similar to those inherent in marriage, and this includes the exclusion of a third party.

    If open relationships were more common, the function of relationships as a tool to prepare for marriage will be weakened, and this will lead to undesirable consequences such as the decline of fidelity as a moral value, a decrease in lasting marriages (which could result from a decrease in marriages or an increase in divorce, both undesirable) and an increase in corrupt values such as promiscuity in society. Thus it is wrong.

  • Not everyone wants one.

    Some people want to see more than the same person every day. This doesn't mean they lose an emotional connection. Sexual and emotional connections are different and some people are into things their partner isn't. For example, you might have a fetish that your partner is uncomfortable with. If you are in an open relationship, you can experience your fetish and everyone is happy. If you are not, you must repress this and you will be unhappy. You being unhappy reduces your performance. Now your partner is unhappy. Everyone is unhappy. This is not for everyone, but of you want a single person relationship, just remember to be open to your partner's preferences.

  • It demolishes the point of long-term love

    I'm not saying that everyone needs to conform to society's norm or idea of perfection, that disgusts me that we think it is for everyone. However, an open relationship may show signs of love or connection, but a true bond can only be between two people, otherwise it's not a bond. It will only lead to jealousy and heart break. If polygamy is wrong, then so is polyamory, without the Patriarchal roots of polygamy. More options, someone's personal decision you may say to me. Yes, of course if someone chooses to do that, but it is cheating in and of itself, even if it is consensual. If one person agrees to you sleeping with another person, then how could jealousy not heavily arise? Knowing that you have a connection with that person, that you don't have, may be even stronger. So what's the point of being with someone if you know they see another person as special or their soul mate? Multiple friends, multiple family members, but one lover. That's just my take on it, the universe doesn't approve.

  • I doesn’t seem to be much of a relationship to me.

    I can’t say I have extremely strong feelings on this, You-do-you and all that, But I just can’t see how an open relationship can really be called a relationship. You love them? Really? How about the other guys/girls? If it’s about sex fine, But don’t tell me it’s not just a way to cheat and not feel guilty. If you truly can’t find contentment in your relationship, Then it’s not meant to be. The solution isn’t to fill the void with a bunch of other just as unsatisfying relationships.

  • Open relationships = BS

    The whole concept that makes a relationship or marriage so special is that it is exclusive. Whoever is in it is exclusive to only each other. An open relationship tries to combine this with hoe-ing around which totally contradicts the purpose of being faithful. Whenever I hear "i'm in an open relationship" all I hear is "I have commitment issues but can't admit it to myself."

  • Very simple it’s what marriage was founded upon.

    What’s the point of marriage if you want to have sex with other people imo it’s people who are controlled and center there life on lust one of the seven deadly sins btw.

    Honestly if you can’t stay faithful then just date no point in getting married if you plan to open marriage swing or whatever.

    I’m tired of seeing woman or men who just decide to spring this on there spouse can we open marriage when what you really asking for is a free pass to fk people hey don’t get how fking rude and disrespectful that is no there to worried about themselves and if you don’t agree they will say read this book like no I didn’t sign up for this shit.

    Our society nowadays is a joke especially when I see huffingtons post saying will smith and wife have an open relationship so we should follow what they do since when was Will Smith was a role model quite ridiculous if you ask me.

    If you plan on doing this shit have the common courtesy of tell your partner before you get dating your no monogamous and be honest about it.

  • It isn't wrong.

    I've found myself to be much happier when I'm not restricted by what my partner wants. It allows me to explore myself and allows me freedom as if I was single without the hurt of hurting others and it also allows my partner the freedom he may want to keep from when he was single. Same goes for me.

  • It's a personal choice, a stable society does not depend on sexuality

    What's more important to a stable society is people getting jobs and supporting themselves. All this concern about "sex" in relation to a "stable society" comes from a time where if people didn't know who was related to who it would cause fights over inheritance. Now there is a consensus, a person's "will" determines who gets their money rather than legally enforced rules. And now we have paternity tests so we can also know whose child is whose.

    It also comes from a time period where women were expected to stay in the home instead of work. Then you wouldn't want anything to happen that you would imagine would threaten the relationship since if the relationship ended the woman would have no income.

    The only lingering issue in our society is children who could be adversely effected by a divorce. In some cases disagreements over a relationship may lead to divorce, but that's as true for an open relationship as it is for any other number of things the couple could disagree over. Then what's important is that they both agree about the open relationship and both know each other well enough to trust that they will remain committed to keeping their own relationship as their primary relationship, that is committed to living with each other and putting each other's needs before other people's needs. As long as they have that level of commitment having an open relationship or not is between them. If they try to have a closed relationship and don't really feel that level of commitment for each other then having a closed relationship won't save their marriage.

  • Not my cup of tea

    For various reasons. But that doesn't mean that no one else can decide they would like one. If both parties are honest with each other and the people they sleep with, then I see no harm. And it goes without saying both partners should play it safe. Use protection and test for STIs!

  • It is much more honest than cheating, and more emotional than sleeping around.

    Couples agreeing to an open relationship pose no risk to others. They are being honest about their wants with each other, while also enjoying the emotional aspect of a continuing relationship. For people with these desires, it's a better alternative to staying single and without support, or going behind the back of someone who wants a committed relationship.

  • Different couples can agree or disagree if they want to share their love with the world.

    I, personally, am for open relationships, because if you don't want to be bothered by them, look away. The public can't make it illegal. The opinion on these acts of love in the open change from person to person. When you're on a "date", couples shouldn't just sit there. Why not interact with each other, or else you'd just stay home all day. People in relationships shouldn't hide their love, they should express it to others.

  • They aren't wrong

    While I am not in an open relationship myself, I believe open relation ships are not wrong because both parties have agreed to it. It's not cheating like some people say because the other person is allowing them to do whatever they are doing (ect, sex with someone else) Plus I'm not 100% sure if it's true but apparently it's unnatural for a human to have just one mate.

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