• Yes, they are.

    Opus Dei's political and cultural beliefs are too conservative. But they are simply sticking to the Roman Catholic doctrine very strictly and basically word for word. Many catholics now are seen as progressive. The only reason why is becuse the ignore parts of Catholic Doctrine. Opus Dei does not, at all.

  • It is a fine belief.

    No, Opus Dei's political and cultural beliefs are not too conservative, because their beliefs are not much different than that of other Christians and Catholics. Opus Dei believes that the ordinary life is a path to holiness, and that we are all called to a life of holiness. That is a perfectly mainstream thing to believe.

  • No, I do not

    I think anything that points to finding God in everyday life. Is something that is okay in my world. I don't know how you could consider Roman Catholic to be too conservative. The teaching of this practice don't really have a feel one way or another. Its just how you view it.

  • Religous tolerance is critical to any modern open society

    While many people may disagree with various aspects of Opus Dei and their beliefs, before condemning them it is important to understand that as a free and open society we must allow, although perhaps not agree with another individuals' personal faith. We must learn from the mistakes of the past which include unspeakable acts against persons of different faiths which include but are certainly not limited to the Spanish Inquisition and more recently Mein Kampf.

  • No, Opus Dei isn't too conservative.

    I do not think that the beliefs and politics of Opus Dei is too conservative. I think that the religion's believes have nothing to do with politics and is all about the principles in which it thinks should be something that people believe in. I think that a lot of the believers do not think the political and cultural beliefs are too conservative.

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