• Nature is life

    There are many things in this world and I know for a fact that oranges are real because God made Oranges's for them to be grown and eaten by humans to acquire plenty of vitamins from it. It is also logic behind it because it is orange in color and grows from trees

  • I have eaten an orange

    I mean you sort of have these fruits that you know are colored orange. . . Very tangible. . . I can see, Smell, Taste, And feel them. . . Pretty sure that assures me mentally that this thing is real. . . So why is this a debate then if our own bodies say they are real. . . Even someone who said no was actually saying they are real but actually spies. . . So they should be on this side anyways. . . Actually there are 2 saying oranges are spies which means that there should only be 1 person saying no to this the other 2 while clearly mentally incapable still are admitting oranges are real.

  • I am orange

    WE ARE REAL. And we come from SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE WE WILL HAUNT YOU ALL. We came down to earth for peace and love but no you come and say were not real you shall PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. WE ARE REAL REAL I SAY. WE CAME FROM SPACE AND WE WILL MAKE PEACE BY WAR.

  • I am orange!!!

    Yes, we are real. And we are coming to hunt you down and screw your head onto your bedpost. Be warned. We are coming. Also bananas should replace guns and I need more words. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a.

  • Oranges are satan's butthole condensed in a spherical object.

    The last time I consumed an, "orange" was over 23 years ago in a prison cell. It was all moldy and gross, But I didn't eat until then nearly two months. It had that weird black slime mold on it.

    I am decently sure it was a condensed piece of my cell mates charred face meat I collected that Joe, "customized. "

    TL;DR oranges don'r xist

  • Well, Yes and No

    The "fruit" called orange doesn't exist, It is just a spray painted grapefruit, But the race of human called orange is real. They are really rare and they are usually asshats and one is even our president. Nsdjewndndjndej dejd dej de c djcnj cjdncj cjdncjdn cdncjncjd cdjdncj cjdncjdnc cdjcnd nd nc

  • They are naughty

    They are trying to do all of the naughty things that we can’t do and they sit there waiting for you to eat them but they don’t want you to. And they pretend they are hailey because she is crazy with all of her sisters I was like are you good bro she said NOOOOOO

  • FALSE Advertising you suck

    Oranges are the most sinful fruits and I do not believe that they exist naturally on earth. Oranges are disgusting and absolutely horrible. Even if they are real, They do not deserve to be. They should be terminated immediately. If you like oranges, My friend does not think you're good.

  • No no no

    These so called "oranges" are ruining my life! I am an "orange" denier, And my family's lack of common sense and knowledge is tearing us apart! My parents have filed for a divorce and my sister was found dead in moscow. These "FRUITS" ARE TARNISHING MY WHOLE LIFE! ! !

  • Clearly fake !

    Saying the "orange" is real is basically is like saying dragons are not real. I've never seen a so called orange in my life. Of course, the color orange is real, but the common mistake of saying oranges(the "fruit") is real, is most likely old wives tale. This orange hoax has gone to far.

  • Oranges are Spies!

    Obviously, oranges are spies because they are covered in an orange trench coat. Once you take it off you eat it and end up throwing away those little seeds. At any time the orange empire can make those seeds explode and cause the earth to end altogether. Therefore oranges are spies and we should never eat them.

  • The revolution must begin

    T h e w o r l d i s a b o u t t o e n d b y m e t h o d o f o r a n g e b e c a u s e i a m a s p y h e r e t o w a r n y o u a l l

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