• It's 50/50 really.

    As long as it's a water based show. Theatre based productions for marine cetaceans are a bit of a no no, For obvious reasons.
    Of course there are other limitations too, Such as an Orca's inability to tap dance or sing coherently. So I suppose whistling and splashing themes would be better suited to a killer whale's talents. A pool based version of happy feet would be great as Orca's would make great Penguins.

  • If you want to see them.

    Do you think people would want to see such animals in person or do you think everyone should be limited to pictures or old video?
    If people want to see them in person, They have two basic options. Either they can see them in captivity or to invade the animals natural habitat.
    From what I have read, SeaWorld San Diego has 10 Orcas, Most of them born in captivity where millions of people get to see them and many other sea animals in person each year. Other people who want to see them in their natural habitat have to invade their habitat to do so with no guarantee that they will see any of the animals much less orcas. These boat tours can interrupt mating, Scare away their prey, Spill fuel and litter in their habitat, And even cause direct harm to them or their calves by impact. Imagine if we had many millions more (11 million per year for SeaWorld visitors alone) going out on these tours. What impact would that be to their lives? We can either keep a few health in captivity or risk the lives all of them by invading their natural habitat in droves.
    If water animal parks are banned because they can be cruel to a few and boat tours are banned because they would endanger the many, The only option for anyone to see these animals would be in old photos or videos of the past. This would pose a different issue. Would it even matter if they actually existed?
    Look at the Thylacine also known as the Tasmanian Tiger. It is believed to have gone extinct back in the 1930's but there are still unconfirmed sighting of them in the deepest parts of Tasmania. If all we have is old pictures and video of them, Does it matter if they still exist? If we don't have the opportunity to see them for ourselves, We will never know if they still exist or are just fake/false sightings. I could tell you that raptors still exist on a secret island. This island is prohibited from humans to protect the dinosaurs that live there. Would you just believe me or would you want first hand proof before accepting my claim? Obviously the latter, Because otherwise you would have no reason to believe they are not extinct and my words that they exist would not matter.

  • They're fun to look at.

    They're fun to look at. Orcas like being enclosed and abused by captors! They're also yummy to eat. I mean the #1 thing to eat while watching a good ol orca torture show is fried orca. Mmmmmm. Tasty. I love watching wild animals be regularly whipped and tortured! . Great sport.

  • Da orca is gooda

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  • Orcas should not be in shows

    They should not be in shows because they are harmed. They get harmed by being in captivity. When orders are in captivity their dorsal fin bands. One time at sea world in orcas fin bent so far that it cut in half. That orca died at the age of 10. In wild they live in a huge ocean at sea world day live in a tiny bathtub like tank. How would you feel if you lived in a bathtub for 35 years. That’s hell Tillicum a baby orca felt. He started in the ocean then she was taken and put in Canada after he ate a trainer in Canada aTillicum a baby orca felt. He started in the ocean then he was taken and put in Canada there he was In tiny tank. Then at Night he was put in a even tinier tank and got beat up by two female or guys they were mad that they were in a tiny tank. In the morning Tillicum ate one of the three. Trainers. Finally he got sent to Swirled he ate two trainers when he ate his Second one sea world Said it was trainers error but it was’t. Tillicum did it on purpose because he was mad. He died at sea world at the age of 35. Said it was trainers error but it was’t. Tillicum did it on purpose because he was mad. He died at Seaworld at the age of 35.

  • Save the Whales

    Orcas only wish to be Orcas and to do the things that Orcas do. They do not wish to be in shows. Exploitation of these creatures results in further endangerment of precious life on our planet. If you wish to see Orcas without endangering them, Or others, Please visit YouTube.

  • Why the Orca should not be in shows

    Orcas do not like being in enclosed areas. They like to be in open water and not in shows because they would not be able to improve their hunting skills if they are young, And if they are adults, Then they might not out of weird water. Also, They might not be treated as well in human hands.

  • Poor orcas uwu

    They die and should be free
    I like ponies and they do too
    pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows
    I don't want to live in an tiny bathtub and neither do orcas
    pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows
    I love orcas they should live free
    they should live in the wilderness where they are meant to be

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