Are organic foods better for people than traditionally grown foods?

  • Yes, they are healthier.

    These foods are expensive for a reason, but that does not mean that they are all worth the hard earned, expensive bucks that we have to pay for them. They are a better source of nutrition because they are legitimately all natural, but they are not worth the extra money.

  • yes they are

    Yes, I think that the foods that are grown organic are a whole lot better for the people to eat that those that are filled with chemicals and preservatives and that are grown by the use of a whole lot of different types of fertilizers, since these chemicals can hurt you.

  • Yes, I believe organic foods are better then traditonally grown foods.

    I believe in general that organic foods are healthier for you then traditionally grown foods, I believe that many people are turned off of organic foods because of their higher cost as compared to traditionally grown foods but if you are a health conscientious person then I believe you should eat organic over traditionally grown foods.

  • Yes, they are.

    All foods used to be organic foods, without chemicals and preservatives, and much better for us. The only preservatives we really need are refrigerators. There are exceptions to this rule, such as fruits with thick skins like bananas, that are the same whether they're organic or otherwise. But yes, generally organic is better.

  • Yes, organic foods are better for people.

    Organic foods are reported to have less chemicals on the food, use more natural soils for crops, and are not genetically altered. Ingesting foods with less chemicals or genetic alteration is better for people because it makes it less likely for people to develop illnesses or diseases that may affect the individuals genetic make up.

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