• Yes, I think organic foods are worth the cost.

    I believe that organic foods are worth the extra cost if you are a health conscientious person who enjoys the organic food lifestyle, I believe for the average American organic foods are most likely not worth the cost but the health savvy American who really cares about the foods he puts in his body then I think the extra cost is justifiable for organic foods.

  • Yes, organic foods are worth the added cost

    Organic food are worth the added cost because they are grown using safer methods than non-organic foods. Fewer pesticides are used, and more natural ways of controlling pests and fertilizing plants are utilized by organic growers. Many organic foods are also higher in nutrition levels than their non-organic counterparts. Animals raised on organic farms are fed better quality food and are not as strictly confined as animals on regular farms, which makes those farms more humane.

  • Certain foods are

    Some foods are going to be better if they are organic based purely on there physical composition. An item like a carrot or potato that is absorbing much of what is in its ecosystem ir going to be different than a banana that has a protective layer of skin that gets peeled back before being consumed. The difference in cost is justifiable when the individual food is compromised based on its makeup

  • No, they are not.

    You should not have to pay extra for food that is actually good for you. Unfortunately, we do, because with all of the government subsidies going to corn, organic farms have trouble making ends meet. I hope we see more organic farms pop up, so the prices begin to drop.

  • No, organic foods are not worth the added cost

    I disagree that organic foods are worth the added cost. Currently there is no strict regulation on organic foods. This means that some organic foods that are labeled may not be completely organic. Furthermore organic food may be unsafe to eat because of bacteria. There is no real health benefits to organic food and the current regulatory measures do not justify the cost.

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