• I said yes because my dad wants a weapons perment

    Ithe reason why i said yes is because my dad wants a weapons perment so i like that we have weapons perment and when i grow up i want a weapons perment and my dad wants my mom to get a weapons perment so if she gets robed she has a gun to protect her

  • Yes they should have concealed weapons

    If crimanal comes to hurt kill fight you will 1 have a weapon to be popared 2 it can give you time to call the cops 3 to teach kids to protect them selfs 4 togive time to evacuate th area house or place your in walled building bye .

  • I like guns

    Guns help people defend themselves and studies have shown that crime rate in states that just passed conceal carry weapons with no permit have shown that people with conceal carry weapons crime rate went down 8% in those states. This shows being allowed to carry conceal carry weapons will help lower crime rates.

  • Norway Gives Guns to Citizens

    There is no way that by giving law abiding citizens a gun is a bad thing. Norway gives each family an AK-47 and that allows them to protect themselves. There is no way that their extremely low gun violence rates is due to anything else besides more guns in the hands of citizens.

  • Our conceal and carry laws are appropriate.

    Our conceal and carry laws are appropriate. We need them in order to defend ourselves and the ones we care about in case of a great emergency where lethal force is necessary. We require enough education to the point that you are so well trained in every aspect of your weapon.

  • Should be broader

    I firmly believe that concealed carry laws should be broader so that concealed carry is legal in every state. Random shootings are much less likely to occur if would be criminals are afraid that someone in the vicinity may themselves be carrying a gun. Concealed carry helps out law abiding citizens.

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