• The policies in place give a jumping start, its job producers that do not meet the wage for living.

    Minimum wage is not a live able wage. In order to feed yourself and your family with a roof over your head you need assistance. Assistance comes in food stamps since the working wage only affords so much of a house or apartment. Today companies care more about their bottom line than they do about the people who produce their bottom line. The average tax payer is not here to support the whole of society. Those who produce jobs and materials for society to purchase need to facilitate a live able wage for the whole of the society. Walmart is a the best example of this. Their employees are willing to work, yet their whole pay check pays just for the rent. Their food is paid by not only their tax dollars but the rest of tax paying Americans. It is obvious that the policies for homelessness is helping, but the other half the job producers in society pretends to participate.

  • We have shelters.

    Yes, our current homelessness policies are working, because most medium and larger-sized cities have a homeless shelter where people can go to keep warm. Homeless policies are working to keep people off the street. They cannot deal with the problem of substance abuse that a lot of homeless people bring with them.

  • No, obviously not.

    Obviously not. If policies were working, there would be a reduction of homeless people. There is no reduction; it's astonishing that there are hungry & homeless people living on the streets in our affluent Nation. This indicates the poor & homeless are not a priority. Instead, the USA sends OUR MONEY (USA $$$$$$$$) to foreign nations & spends US $$$$$$ to engage in OTHER nations' wars. None of this makes sense.

  • No They Aren't

    If we have policies to help homelessness they certainly are not working. Most metropolitan areas have a large number of homeless people and there reasons for being homeless are varied. No two stories are exactly the same. I am completely unaware of any actual policies that help these people in any real way. I have provided a roof to a homeless person in the past and they had no alternatives and were barely capable of sustaining a job due to their mental health. There problem is real, but no one seems to be helping him.

  • Lots of People Are Homeless

    In any city, there is a sizable homeless population. It's easy to see these folks on the street, pushing shopping carts and carrying all their belongings with them. Current policies do not seem to be reducing this population at all. Much of the population was created in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan made huge cuts to social services. We need caring social services to be available to help these folks. It is particularly shameful to see armed forces veterans on the streets homeless.

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