Are our dreams predicting the future sometimes?

Asked by: draxhunter
  • Your mind constantly predicts.

    Let us say that someone has just thrown something at you from across the room. Instinctively you would raise your hand to cover your face. YOU did not consciously. When you are dreaming that is pure subconscious working through events of the day. Could you have an event happen in a dream that is going to happen in the future? Yes you could.

  • Well, I can’t explain it

    I sometimes can’t even believe it even though I’ve had it happen to myself on several occasions. Maybe it’s some weird déjà vu thing, maybe my subconscious picked up on something I didn’t, which would make it completely rational to foresee events, as it just concluded based on information received. Maybe it’s a glitch, a memory malfunction. But I have experienced it, that I know.

  • An unqualified yes ... But!

    I think we all have the ability to 'tell' the further to some extent.

    For example, if you know your boss hates people being late, and you are late, it isn't really rocket science in figuring out that you are going to be talked to by your boss - its not supernatural.

    The same thing happens in your brain at an emotional level, where, I would imagine from time to time, your 'dream' is the ability to detect the reality of what we deny ourselves. We can be very superfluous about things that we want, or things we wish to avoid.

    For example, if your girlfriend is troubled, not really talkative, and you avoid it, you may very well have a dream that she is leaves you and a short time later, that may indeed happen.

    That is technically not 'predicting' the future, thought certainly could be presented that way?

    More curious yet, if you dream that, and then sit down with your gf and talk it through and return the relationship to health? Was the further predicted? Can we? Or do we remain open to influence that which we see or others intuit in the future?

  • Sometimes I believe so

    I know that I get some weird night mare that is rarely believable sometimes. Some dreams I get seem so real and the next day. Almost the same thing happens. I usually get a pattern in my dream where yearly a message has been send to me by someone. If I peace together these dreams it fits perfectly. Sometimes so well that it almost seems like it's part of the reality itself. I don't know what it is but sometimes my dreams are predicting the future with a messages.

  • I think they can.

    Personally, the only time I dream I see the future. It Isn't 13 years in though, its usually a a week to a few weeks. It's usually on seemingly non-important, spontaneous events that show no pattern. I know I dream of the future because when it happens, I'll remember dreaming it. Then i'll flawlessly predict what is going to happen next. It's weird, and you can say i'm crazy or lying. But I've said what t I will and I won't rebuttal against your comments.

  • My own experiences

    ‘Precognition’ and ‘problem-solving’ during sleep, I believe, are two separate things.
    I have solved several problems to which I had no answer during waking hours.
    In ‘problem-solving’ logically, the information is taken in by both the conscious and subconscious.
    The conscious mind records information on a temporary basis and makes decisions based on the present situation, as determined by the sensory organs.
    Even though I cannot consciously remember taking in the information, logically, the dreamed solution MUST BE as a result of the unconscious computed FACTS.
    The subconscious deals exclusively with FACTS and records EVERYTHING that happens to the person.
    REGRESSION (eg. Hypnotism), is a method of bypassing the conscious, searching the unconscious for recordings of a particular experience.
    It is possible then that FACTS concerning a particular situation that have been taken in by the unconscious mind can be computed during sleep and a logical outcome predicted. This may be ‘precognition’.

  • What kind of question is this?

    Dreams don't predict the future. They're projections based on life experiences. It's your brain as it is in that moment. It's not your future brain being all "this is what it looks like in 2027", it's your personality & life showing up as an image.

    If it did predict the future, then that would be pretty cool. I would be able to go jet-skiing with Scarlet Johansson and then for some reason I'm on the moon playing basketball with Joss Whedon. Dreams don't make sense.

  • There is No Evidence for Precognition, it has failed all tests, it is more likely just Coincidental:

    Most evidence for precognition is Fallacious, in that it is usually from personal Anecdotal Fallacies and Testimonial Fallacies. There is no solid evidence ever found for Precognition, it is really a matter of personal opinion with out evidence to support it.

    Personal Anecdotes (sample size of one fallacies) have never been shown to have any validity, if they did, James Randi would lose his $1million challenge.
    Because something happens similar to what somebody seen in a dream, does not constitute evidence. Quite often the dream happens days, weeks, months before the event and people still claim precognition, which is ludicrous. I have dreams every night and similar things happen later to the events in my dreams which are always about the past or things I want to try in the future, but they don't predict nor influence anything except my brain.

  • I said yes but i know differently

    I once read that dreams or deja vu moments are like micro sezuires but dreams are just your sub consious which has nothung to do eith the future it just letd you connect with more sutle rhings that youve experienced but havent noticed like a certain emotion or it makes you feel a certain why dreams are just distractions why your brain rests. And time for us to really break.Through our mind and understand

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