• On the Brink

    Opposition to the second amendment are using every new worthy opportunity to show yet another example of why citizens and in some cases the police should be limited to the use and excess to certain or all firearms. i.e. Stephon Clark and school shootings. They are even suggesting that it was the "alt right" belief system of a Northern Virginian teen that prompted him to kill his girlfriend. Its going to be non stop until 2nd amendment supporters risk backlash and stand firm and at times push back.

  • Of course they are!

    Just watch the news. The government is trying to take our guns from us because stupid people leave them out for children. Just because a few people made mistakes why does its have to come back and mess up the way the rest of us do things? When people are mentally challenged gun owners should know to keep them locked up and out of the way of those people. Only stupid leave guns out for children and the handicaped and because of them we are stuck with others trying to limit us. We should fight back. The jefferson state is sounding better and better all the time now a days.

  • Where are my guns?

    With all the tragedies that have befallen us this past decade alone, many lawmakers and left wingers are scurrying about whispering in the "man's" ears saying "Guns are bad", "we need to put stricter laws in place". And because of nut jobs out there using so called "assault rifles" and "high capacity magazines", us legal, responsible gun owners are paying the price. Is the criminal intent on committing his crime going to care about any law? Is the criminal going to pay attention to any sign saying "No guns allowed" going to care? I think not! He will have his gun while the responsible, law abiding citizen will be without if we continue to listen to and allow lawmakers to infringe upon our god given right of being born an American and the right to bear arms. I have had a gun in my hand for over three quarters of my life. And I hope that in the future my right to carry and protect myself and my family still rings true. America has been on shaky grounds these last several years. Don't let this continue to be one of the thorns in the side discussions. Get back on track America. Don't falter.

  • It depends...

    There will be reform, there's no doubt about that, but it depends on the person as to whether it will affect you or not. If you already own some form of rifle or you don't own any firearm at all, you won't be affected. If you are a collector and constantly owning and selling new firearms, you will be affected because you are coming in contact with a large variety of weapons. It really all depends on who you are and what you do with firearms.

  • YES

    People don't seem to understand that most modern guns are very much in danger of being banned. These "assault" weapons that people talk about are actually just regular semi-automatics with cosmetic changes.

    The people who want to outlaw these guns have no clue about the wide range of effects that some of the laws would have. Most handguns and many guns that are used for small game or by smaller people would be banned.

    Not everybody can use granddaddy's twelve gauge, and those kinds of guns aren't always that great for self-defense, many types of hunting, or sports shooting.

  • Yes our gun rights are in jeopardy.

    Everyone is entitled to own a gun unless their actions in life prevent them. Everybody else should not have to pay because people can't act responsibly. Not to mention the police aren't exactly fast in this day and age so a gun at home is a great idea for protection.

  • Control is not taking them away

    Having a gun in the house, and having a sub machine gun in the house are two totally different things. People are still allowed to get guns, and have them, but people getting and misusing large guns is why people are questioning gun laws in the first place, there just looking to put tougher restrictions on gun laws so less people get slaughtered

  • Misinformation is creating paranoia. Get educated people!

    People that think they are in Jeopardy are generally misinformed by their favorite biased media. If you're not going to get educated on your constitutional rights to own a gun, you deserve to be scared of losing them. Reality check... Unless you're mentally ill, a felon, etc. you're not going to lose anything!

  • No, gun rights are absolutely not in jeopardy as the constitution will always be upheld.

    I believe it is ludicrous that some citizens actually believe that their gun rights are in jeopardy. No matter which party is in control, citizens will always have the right to bear arms because the constitution will never be overturned. If you are not a convicted abuser or felon, your rights will always remain in tact. If you are then you have no right to own a gun based on your history. To protect victims it is necessary to mandate waiting periods. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of people who say this is jeopardizing their gun rights as well. To those people I ask, how would you feel if your mother was victim of violence and her perpetrator purchased a gun and killed her and your siblings because a thorough background check could not be performed thanks to no waiting policy in place? That waiting policy saves lives.

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