• Contracted employees of private companies

    Journalists are contracted employees of private companies or freelancers with their own free will to travel to warzones and other places of danger. They all choose to take these assignments for fame, money, or ambition... the American way. The military and government needs to be sized down in the first place, leaving our journalists here to cover domestic stories.

  • Yes, journalists are protected by safeguards

    Since news is such an important aspect of our society, we continue to provide protection for journalists. They are able to report facts and their opinions without fear of retribution from the government. This freedom of the press allows journalists and news organizations to provide the public with current information even when it does not portray the government, companies or individuals in a positive light. Journalists need not fear retaliation for the words they write, even when they are critical.

  • No, our journalists are not safe.

    Humanity in general is not safe. I believe journalists are even more at risk. Any writer who airs his opinion publicly is fair game for all the lunatics who may not happen to agree with him. Additionally governmental online censorship and surveillance pose yet another journalistic problem for writers and bloggers.

  • True journalism is dying.

    I give credit to journalists who are out there for finding a way to survive. As print newsrooms cut their staff, many experienced journalists have gone on to keep the beat going online. But it's not enough. In national news, more weight is given to opinion pieces and biased writing that counts as an "article." We need to make a hard distinction between an article and a column. The lines are getting way too blurred. Some of the people that stretch the barrier of journalism too far into opinion hurt the credible journalists, which leads to political leaders discrediting them and giving those leaders room to exclude everyone. The challenge is coming from all the directions. The craft is losing its integrity and the politicians have more room to retaliate. It's a recipe for disaster.

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