• Society's morals deteriorating

    Yes it is right before our eyes. We have so many ignorant people who don't listen to reason and are constantly at war over with each other over the control of our own government without consideration or respect for one another(Democratic and Republican parties). There are obvious strains of hatred and prejudice practices that are encouraged even rewarded for the immoral contributions to the deteriorating of this society (America)by law enforcement police brutality racism and overlooked even dismissed for the simple fact that it is a real and sensitive issue. Sorry for the bad punctuation.

  • Yes, and apparently have been for some time

    Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers. - Socrates

  • Yes and fast.

    Every society historically has had a set of things that are permited and not, that are considered correct and not, modern western societies have decided that in the name of freedom one is capable of doing whatever it chooses to do, disregarding its cultural sence of morality, but then it was also decided that one must not judge or criticise another for its personal choices ( unless it damages greatly another in a direct way ), so prety much now US society allows everyone to do whatever it wants ( independently of the non direct effects it has on others ) and it punishes those who are willing to criticise any behaviour from another person.
    In the past harsh crimes were commited, but the boudaries of morality were established, now there are no boudaries.

  • Mind this though!

    Society doesn't define morals. Society can decide or form opinions on what is ethical though (what SHOULD be moral). So in other words when society rules the roost, which it is presently doing, that is where we as a nation go awry. Essentially, leaving morals up to society is mob rule and leads us down a path where values are corrupt. It would be utter chaos. Our morals were based off of Christian morals and values. We must return to those ethics in order to straighten out society. Societies morals are nonexistent and we must base our laws on the morals of the Christian faith.

  • Absolutely, the majority of the youth today do not care about morals.

    When walking down the street, or getting on the city bus you will notice young people using foul language, being obnoxious, just not caring that there are older people around who can see and hear them. It's a disgrace.
    I was born in 1957, young people then listened to adults, were very careful about what came out of our mouths, knew right from wrong, and cared what was right and wrong. Cared if people older than us heard what we said. These young children today(10 and up) just don't care.

  • Support the future generations.

    Is our responsibility to take part in influencing the youth to make correct decisions. The lack of morals is our own doing and if anyone whos a parent has any concern of it they should recognize that they're solely the influence on their children and need to take responsibility in correcting any negative influences children will observe.

  • Support the future generations.

    Is our responsibility to take part in influencing the youth to make correct decisions. The lack of morals is our own doing and if anyone whos a parent has any concern of it they should recognize that they're solely the influence on their children and need to take responsibility in correcting any negative influences children will observe.

  • Yes, and deteriorating fast. Western societies have completely lost the socio-cultural Fabric because of total breakdown of the family unit.

    Couples stay as husband and wife for any length of time only amongst those above 70 yrs of age only.There is total lack of tolerance/patience/kindness/respect/commitment amongst the young.The Lack of Moral social values is because increasingly it has become a selfish,self satisfying society.Quick self gratification without hard work leads to mental dissatisfaction & depression.This huge change is attributable to Cinema/TV/social media.

  • Just look at today's movies.

    I can't go a day without seeing some kid make a violent reference or say a cuss word and it drives me up the wall. It's a proven fact that 60%percent of television is violent, and that 82% of all media and video games are inappropriate for children. (And adults, too.)

    Posted by: AQC
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  • Our society's morals are not deteriorating.

    Every generation things that the young have bad morals and that society is deteriorating. Every history book has shown that this is how old people feel about the young. In fact, morality never changes, and people are always the same as they have been since they first came into existence.

  • Yes and no, but mostly no

    Lots of things about today's society annoy the hell out of me: the superficiality of today youth, the entirely looks-based dating culture, the readiness to act violently for no good reason... But then, I feel like many of our morals have vastly improved: civil rights, for example. 50 years ago, it was considered totally normal to be a racist and a homophobe, while today those views are generally frowned upon (unless you live in Texas).

  • Morality is subjective.

    It's not that our morals are deteriorating, it's that they're shifting. Our sense of morality has become a lot less about honor, tradition, and faith and far more about empathy and acceptance. The greatest reason for this, I do believe, is simply the first amendment. In giving people the freedom to follow whatever religion they want, whatever parts of a religion they want, or to not even be religious at all we have allowed them to choose their own set of ideals to follow.

  • Morality is improving.

    Modern attitudes are increasing all over the world. While the antimodernists get more extreme their numbers are deteriorating. Morals are increasingly being subjected to rational scrutiny, thus improving. It can never be moral to assign more value to institutions or authorities than to human and other sentient well-being. Thus modernity and secularism enhances morality.

  • Morals are constantly evolving, but not deteriorating.

    If we think of morality as living consistently with the divine commands as related by a prophet, typically Moses, Jesus, or Muhammed, then of course morality is deteriorating because we no longer care about many of the things which these individuals would have cared about. For example, we today do not view shellfish as being abomonations which live in shells to hide from God's judgement, so eating at Red Lobster is not generally thought of as a sin. A lot of us also like bacon. Is this deterioroating morality? Hardly.

    As time goes by, we will continue to care less and less about the perspectives and commands of these ancient people, and that is a good thing. I for one define morality as acting in a way which is conducive to the prospering of conscious creatures, particularly humans, and by that measure I think morality is improving overall. Wars are less frequent and less widespread than they once were for example, and wars, and the atrocities that take place in the context of wars, tend to be some of the most immediate threats to the prosperity of humans, and are the breeding ground for some of the most immoral behavior possible, like genocide.

  • It's the same

    As far as American society goes we have never been moral. We have done great things, but they have always been done with the advantages and disadvantages of certain groups over others. In the founding of this nation Europeans took land that wasn't theirs, killed and forcibly moved Native Americans, built this country off of the backs of African slaves, indentured servants and exploited groups of people from mostly South America and Asia. Then after a long period of time slavery ended and women were later given the right to vote but then there was separate but equal (segregation). Then once that was over blacks and other minorities and women till this day are still greatly discrimination against and now homosexuals are fighting for their rights. I'm not sure justice will ever be served for all people. It just seems that once we get rid of oppressing one group of people we find another one to take their place and the group or groups that were previously oppressed have more rights than they used to but they still must fight the institutionalized racism, sexism, ageism, able-ism, homophobia, and so on. History still continues to repeat itself and until we are all free we are still in bondage.

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