Are overweight people assigned negative labels too quickly in American society?

Asked by: PardonTheParadox
  • It's Not About Health

    People like to pretend they're concerned about a fat person's health, but that's a lie. If the person was seriously underweight (as most models are), they're likely to be complimented instead of criticized, even though being underweight is actually worse for your health.

    Plus, many people with normal, healthy weights are told they're fat. I've met girls who think they're fat, when they simply have noticeable curves rather than looking like stick figures.

    And lastly, when has name-calling ever improved anyone's health? My younger brother is genuinely overweight, and his doctor is rightfully concerned about it, but when someone picks on him, he gets depressed and decides to hide at home so no one can see him. Is that going to improve his health? No. Oh, sure, some people are going to say he should have willpower, but he'd find it a lot easier to summon the willpower to exercise if people didn't make fun of him. We have a family of four, all with diagnosed high cholesterol, and the two of us who have cut back on dietary cholesterol and increased our exercise in response to that diagnosis are the two who DON'T have body image issues. The two who do have body image issues do their best to avoid thinking about their health - which is not going to improve their health in the slightest!

  • Some people can't control their size

    Our society is so judgmental. What does it matter if a person has a little meat on their bones? We don't have to be bone thin to be beautiful! That is a common misconception. Our image of beautiful that we strive for is unrealistic, and causes us to do unhealthy things to our body, when really, there is no problem with being a little chubby. (Unless it's a threat to your health. Then it is suggested that you do something about it.) Granted, maybe some overweight people just eat too much. But with a lot of people who are labeled as "fat", it's due to genetic problems or some other medical condition. No one should starve themselves or anything of the sort just because they have a low metabolism. As long as you are eating healthily and a reasonable amount, there should be no reason to change your weight. Starving yourself because you're overweight (caused by low metabolism) is more unhealthy than being "fat". There are several people I know who eat extremely healthy, but to society are still overweight.

    Posted by: zods
  • People are to quick to judge

    Some people need to get to know others before they put a label on em some people cant help being overweight so it don't give anyone any reason to judge.Nobody is perfect people,remember that Treat people the way you treat others Its just not right to judge some one when you your self are imperfect

  • Thin people, living Angels.

    Thinner people, especially women, are automatically thought to be more disciplined than their overweight counterparts. The assumption is that thin women care about their appearance ans health, are healthy eaters, prettier, smarter with self control. In sharp contrast, overweight people are deemed lazy, greedy, stupid. If only we would put the fork down and run.

    Most of the American population is not qualified to tell people how to manage their weight. And the obvious notion of eating less undermine any problems that make it harder to lose weight.

  • No, they should be criticized

    In other cultures, they laugh at fat people, the treatment they receive here should not be any different. I have always believed that if you cannot control what you eat, you probably cannot control much else in your life. Would I hire an overweight person? No, because quite honestly I don't believe they are competent enough to make good decisions, as their weight shows. They should be lucky that they are except from the forces of natural selection. Sorry if that sounds harsh, I just don't have sympathy for people who make a conscious decision that burdens society later on when they have health complications. It is especially obnoxious when they know that they are overweight and take pride in the fact, they do not recognize that this is a serious problem that should be fixed.

  • It is what it is

    Medically being overweight is really bad for you, everyone knows that. So if someone remains considerably overweight then I see it no more judged upon than a person who is frowned upon for 'looking like a thin rag of skin and bones'. It doesn't matter if that underweight person has a fast metabolism. We wince and scorn their exposed rib cages and their thin limbs.

    Being overweight is the same. It's not healthy or natural to be in that condition so it's only right we should condemn it. Sure people have different metabolisms but everyone has will power. Everyone is capable if they strive for it.

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