Are overzealous coaches and parents ruining children's early athletic experiences?

  • Overzealous kid's coaches have gone too far

    Coaches of children's sports like soccer, basketball, little league baseball, and even pee wee football, have gone way too far in recent years with the amount of pressure they put on their players. We need to take a step back and realize that this pressure is unnecessary and even harmful.

  • In Some Cases

    I believe overzealous coaches and parents can ruin a child's early athletic experience. I do not believe this is the norm, however. I believe a lot of people simply want to introduce their children to different athletic activities and let them try it out. The possibility is certainly there but for the most part I feel like parents look out for the best interest of the child.

  • Yes, they are taking the fun out of sports.

    Overzealous parents and coaches are putting too much pressure on young kids to become prodigies. Early sports should be about having fun and learning some basics of the game. Parents and coaches become obsessed with winning and the kids are the ones who suffer and are possibly turned off to sports for life. Leagues should be changed to very low pressure environments.

  • Yes, it should be fun.

    Coaches and parents who make it seem like a sin to lose and who run around as if the game were theirs and not the kids are ruining their children's early athletic experiences and making them think that they are not good enough even if they are doing thir best.

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