Are paczki pastries for everybody (yes), or are they exclusively an ethnic treat (no)?

  • Cuisines aren't tools of exclusion and shouldn't be.

    The world we live in is so interconnected that trying to make cuisines off limits to more than one ethnicity or race is pretty much impossible, and more than that, backwards. One of the better things we ever did as a species was to spread our cuisines among each other because we all understand eating, especially if it has a lot of sugar and fat like the paczki. Food is a good way to create interest in a culture because a lot of foods have ceremonial or practical histories. More interest in cultures not our own leads to less ignorance and prejudice. So, anybody who wants to try a paczki should be offered or sold one.

  • They're for everyone.

    If there is one thing that food does, it's bring people together. I think everyone should have the chance to try cuisine around the world. It's very interesting and, in a weird way, it...matches the culture from which it comes. Don't know how to explain that, but it's quite interesting.

  • Paczki pastries are for Any and All

    Paczki pastries, a traditional Polish pastry, have a long history and, obviously, an ethnic association. This ethnic association, however, should not be seen as precluding the enjoyment of these pastries by anyone who happens to enjoy them. Unlike, say, the Eucharist or other ritual meals, the paczki pastries are for sustenance and enjoyment; they are not markers of certain beliefs or sacred convictions. Their ethnic association informs their meaning and importance, certainly, but that shouldn't be a reason to exclude anyone that wills from eating them.

  • No, paczki pastries are an ethnic treat.

    I do not think that paczki pastries are something that everybody will like. I think that it is an ethnic treat that will only really be an acquired taste. But I do think that it is something that everybody should try. I know that I've tried some treats before that I thought were too ethnic that I ended up liking.

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