Are paperback books being replaced by E-books?

Asked by: Jegory
  • Will they die?

    Books are not just lots of words, sentences, paragraphs and finally a novel but a full body experience of the mind and touch. The fresh paper, the smell of the pages and that knowledge of the book being old and enjoyed by many other people. Books are an experience, in my opinion, everyone should enjoy

  • Paper backs are dying

    As much as I hate to admit it, paperbacks are being replaced slowly. You can basically buy any book on the E-book. However, it'll be a while before paperbacks are obsolete. People still buy books from stores and borrow them from libraries. Let's also not forget the unnecessarily heavy textbooks you get from school. Sure, E-books will be helpful though. You wouldn't have to worry about mold growing on your books or the books being lost. So until paperbacks are gone forever, we still have to deal with the heavy textbooks and paying for lost books to the libraries.

  • Paper book as we came to know is approaching its extinction

    The purpose of book is to store and transfer information from one mind to another, paper book is now fallen behind the e-book and website in every aspect. Electronic information travel faster, reaching far more people, and is far more efficient to store and organize. The conventional books are completely lost their reason of existence by comparison and thus is approaching its extinction. The some form of paper book might survived but it will no longer fulfill its original role as medium of information.

  • Not For A Long Long Long Time.

    I think most of the world still prefer paper back books. Really, people under the age of 30 do not actually read enough books to need a whole library in there back pack or purse. If someone only occasionally reads once every few months or even years, then they should buy a $100 device to read E-Books on. If they have something like an IPad, I understand that you can just buy books for their regular price in stores, but less people have IPads then those who would rather go to the store to buy a regular book, and no one wants to buy a book on their phone, the screen (though they are getting bigger) is still not big enough to comfortably read a book. I think the only time E-Books will overcome traditional media books is when traditional media is unable to go where an E-Book can. Like if we ever did go up to live in space, 1 or 2 10-ounce Ebooks would be easier to carry then 4 libraries worth of traditional books, but since we are not near that stage of civilization, Traditional books are here to stay.

  • No, they are not

    Though it may seem that E-books will replace paperbacks, I believe that paperbacks will always have a place in our hearts. E-books, though brilliant, have their limitations; no longer can you turn the pages, smell the smell of a good book or see a well-worn book resting on a shelf. Will the people stand for it? No, without a doubt. Paperback books will remain the best form of reading for a long time to come.

  • Not on my dead body!!

    As a reader, I have NEVER ever liked E-books. I mean..
    ..If you really like books and are a reader, you would feel the same way about E-books.
    I just think that E-books are for lazy bums that can't hold a book in their hands and flip the pages.
    Personally I love to hold my books and admire the texture before I start reading the book.
    Though if you look at it realistically, E-books are extremely popular nowadays among teens and adults
    But I guarantee you that there will ALWAYS be people that will always read paperback books, always I tell you ALWAYS

  • Not yet they aren't!

    I work in a library. Our statistics show that our circulation is actually increasing year after year in both categories. While our e-book statistics show more alarming growth, our hardcover and paperback book circulation numbers increased over the past few months by 5-6% each quarter. In my opinion, until e-books are seriously cheaper, not just a little cheaper, people will still enjoy the feel of a book in their hands and the free selection most libraries will continue to offer.

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Krolshi says2013-05-16T01:14:36.403
It 's possible , with the techonlogy advancement . I 'd personally and highly prefer paperback .