• So parents aren't hopelss.

    Yes, Parent Trigger Laws are needed, because there is no accountability in public schools. If the teachers in the public school are incompetent or lazy, they are hard to fire. Teachers constantly demand more money, but they do not really care about students. Parent Trigger laws are needed so that students and parents can take control.

  • A good thing

    Yes, I do think that these are needed, and that they would help out a lot of people across the United States. I think that when these laws are in effect it does a lot of good for a society as a whole, and I think that we need them.

  • Yes, parent trigger laws are needed

    Parent trigger laws are needed in areas where schools are badly run and students are in danger of not getting even the minimum educational advantages that they need in today's society. The problem is getting enough concerned people involved to make a difference. If people can't agree on the changes that need to be made or how to make them, parent trigger laws will not accomplish anything. But if people can get together and put aside their differences in order to work for the betterment of the schools, then the laws would have a tremendous effect on improving a school in trouble.

  • No, they are not needed

    When you look at the cases where parent triggers were initiated they were almost all blocked by the law as they happened. This should be looked at on a case to case basis, and blocked when it needs to be blocked. There is no need for legislation here. Not at all.

  • Charter Doesn't Equal Better

    According to Wikipedia a parent trigger is a legal maneuver through which parents can change the administration of a poorly performing public school—most notably, by transforming it into a charter school. I do not believe broken public schools can be fixed by changing them to charter schools. I think public schools should be answerable to the public they serve and they should be guided by the parents-essentially the same people who pay for them through taxes. Reorganization and community input can fix schools. We don't need special laws.

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