Are Parents at Fault for Their Child Failing in School?

  • Parents Play an Integral Role in the Success of Their Child's Education

    Parents play an integral role in their children's education. While teachers control the classroom environment, it is the duty of parents to apply proper discipline to insure that children follow through in continuing to develop the proper studying and homework techniques that are initialized in the classroom. If parents are negligent in doing this, then they are at fault for their child failing school.

  • Schools aren't failing, parents are

    Too many children aren't even coming to school with the basics...Food, pencils, paper! Their parents, however, have smart phones, manicured nails, fake eyelashes, etc.... Homework isn't being done and books aren't being read at home! Folders are rarely checked and although they sign the invitation to come to their child's meeting, they rarely actually show up!! Some even call the next day complaining, "no one reminded me"!! Really??? You are a parent. It should be important enough to be stuck to your refrigerator or typed in your calendar on your phone!!! Student spend so much time in front of some type of screen from birth to school age, they can't sit still for 30 seconds. They can drive a car in grand theft auto but can't write the letters in their name or sing the ABC song!! If your child continually says they don't have homework or papers to be signed, it's YOUR job to follow up!!! Kids can only control if the parents let them! Look in your child's book bag EVERY DAY...Contact the teacher ...YOU ARE THE PARENT...Act like one!

  • A teacher's job is to teach, not to be a replacement parent

    To start of we should establish the exceptions. If English is your second language or you have some form of mental disability, then this of course doesn't apply to the family in question.
    First, students misbehave because classes are boring...Does anyone honestly think life us mostly rainbows an unicorns ? We lag behind is everything when compared to the world in Education, our kids only pick up the pace in post secondary institutions, where multiple hour lecture are widespread.

    Second, when a kid doesn't behave it means the class begins to drift away from the lesson, the teacher looses time correcting the student and getting back on track. This form of behaviour is quickly fixed early on in a Childs life. By the time they get to middle school and high school is often too late. Loss of instructional time due to interruptions increases the gap for a student.

    Third and last, our post secondary institutions, whether trade s hooks or uni ersities, are where students pi k up the pace and bevin to compete worldwide. This is because the notion of interruptions is blamed on the student, as it should. The student is expected to behave, the school nor the professor is expected to teach a student how to behave, and if they do not the get expelled.

  • No the child is to blame

    The child is to blame for the failure of their classes because they have many choices that they can make to achieve a passing grade in their classes. The child need to make work the priority over anything else such a games or other distractions. I. Classes generally do not assign a crazy amount of homework. It should take about 2 hours at most to complete it all on normal days. If a child is struggling in a class they can ask a teacher friend or tutor for help on the subject that they don't understand. There are many other alternatives than to forget the assignment or just not turn it in.

  • IT IS THE CHILD'S FAULT. It is ridiculous to think otherwise.

    The Child is to blame if they are failing in one or more of their classes. The child should know the consequences of missing assignments and late work. If a child is failing a parent may be able to give them motivation to bring up their grades but it is still rests in the child's hands to complete the work. The child need to pay attention in class and strive to become a better student. I am currently in high school with only A's and B's because i want to be able to go to college and get a good job. On the other hand my friend (not saying his/her name) is smart enough to be able to get good grades but they are failing because they simply do not try in the class. They only focus on video games and other means of entertainment and never turn in classwork or homework. In total A child is to blame if they are failing in school.

  • That's very ridculous

    First, I will talk about being off task. The infant might be daydreaming. He or she might be thinking about impedimenta or paraphernalia that are off topic. The kid might be thinking something like this. “Oh, what should I do when I get home? I’m so excited about the competition for piano today! I wonder if I will get first.”. Also, the kid could be sneaking phones and game devices to school and which their parents don’t let them but the infants still do, then, he or she would be playing games while the teacher is teaching.

    Second and finally, I will talk about education. The kid might be using their old homework to fool their parents in checking their homework. The kid wouldn’t be bringing his or her homework to school. Sometimes, the kid would probably bring his or her homework to school so the teacher wouldn’t suspect him or her. If the kid was paying attention but just a little bit, he or she might miss something that is very important like a test problem answer. Also, if the parent misses the time to have a conference, the parents wouldn’t see the report card and how their child is developing in math, science, social studies and so on.

    You can't blame the parents.

  • That's so ridiculous

    There are so many reasons a kid is failing in school. Some are that the kid could be daydreaming while the teacher is teaching. The kid might be thinking,"Oh, what should I do when I get home. I'm so excited that I'm going to the competition! I wonder if I'm going to get first place.". Or the kid might not be doing and bringing their homework to school. Last, if the kid does turn in his or her homework sometimes, he or she might be using old homework.

    You can't just blame the parents if their being fooled by their kid.

  • That's totally ridiculous.

    Children may be failing for some other reason. It's not the parents. If it was, then why? Boom, there's your proof. My best friend told me that it's how the teachers teach. Because it's boring, kids won't want to listen in class and they'll fail. The teachers did well in my other classes, but please... I really want to do that in my sixth grade class! Cuz my teacher calls on me and I feel like I'm an dummy whenever I'm called on. So no, it's not the parents' fault.

  • That is ridiculous

    There are plenty of reasons why a child might fail at school that has nothing to do with parents. Such as learning disabilities, intellectual impairments, attention deficit disorders. Autism spectrum disorders, speech problems, English as a second language, hearing problems, vision problems and so on.

    You can't turn around and blame parents for these conditions

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