• Becoming? That bus came and went

    Of course they are.

    People are becoming fragile, and dependent. Not to mention entitled. This seems to come from the over-protectionism, over-parenting piloted by pop-psychologists of the 70s and 80s. Much of it has also been influenced by the media, making the world seem far more dangerous than it actually is.

    Statistically, we are actually living in the safest times in history, for the most part.

    As well, sheltering kids too much keeps them from growing, lowering overall resilience, and preventing them from learning how to battle life's challenges and overcome adversity. This makes a culture weak.

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  • Most parents are too protective, their children have become rude and spoilt.

    Let us look at the different perspectives between Western societies and Eastern societies. The children are brought differently. The Western societies have a more liberal parenthood attitude whereas the Asian parents have a more conservative rather than liberal views in parenting styles. The child tend to over-pampered and spoilt especially among the well-to-do households and not so in the needy families. Their adult unmarried children tend to stay with the parents and not Western households usually have the adult unmarried children living on their own as they have a job to survive on their own.

  • Nope and here is why,

    If your taking about rated r movies or m video games they are oveprotctetvie if they don't buy it. They're the opposite if it's under 10 or 11 and they don't watch the kids or talk to them about it. But crime is increasing with new ways to commit them, Pornography is becoming so known. I disagree. However websites like YouTube only allows certain content. If the parent is okay with swears that's fine.

  • NO!!! Everything about society is more dangerous now than it was 50 years ago, and it's just getting worse!

    With more people killing, more DUIs (driving under the influence of alcohol) and just more crime, what parent wouldn’t worry about their kid being out late? Many parents watch the news, and imagine hearing about a serial killer near your neighborhood and then your kid being out late. In modern society there are many dangers in the world and parents are just trying to keep their kids safe. Is this a bad thing?

  • No, society is getting too dangerous

    I think that no, parents are not too protective. Here is why:
    1). There are recently more criminals with more advanced ways to kill someone.

    2). With more vehicles on the road, and more texting and drinking, it is more dangerous to be out on the streets alone.
    Thi is why parents are more protective.

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