• Parents are doing enough to protect their children from attacks

    The world is a dangerous place now, in the early 21st century. In addition to murders, kidnappings, and rape, there are terrorist attacks to worry about as well. With attacks coming from all directions, the modern parent is doing enough to protect their children. This is true partly because there is no effective means to both raise a child to be socially well-adjusted (active and capable in society) as well as sheltered from the dangers of society. Since there are no effective means to protect a child from attacks, parents are doing suitably in protecting their children.

  • Parents cannot guard their children 100% from attacks

    Parents should already know to educate kids about some common sense ideals, like not wandering around a dark alley at night, or getting into the van of a stranger. Most attacks that happen will occur regardless of whether the parent was "sheltering" their child or not, making their efforts simply futile.

  • Parents Worry Too Much

    In the 21st Century we are taught that children are in more danger than ever before, but is that true? Are we not living in an age when bad news travels faster? In the technological age of fast Internet connections, all-day access to news channels and the constant bombardment of scare stories about missing children and crazed lunatics. I think parents need to relax and try not to put their fears into their children.

  • Yes, You can only do so much.

    I think the majority of parents would do anything to keep their kids safe. The problem is, is that it is impossible to predict when and where bad things are going to happen. If you hover over your child and refuse to let them gain any independence because you are always scared of an attack then they will be very stunted adults. Parents constantly have to walk the tightrope of remaining safe, and hovering.

  • No, the world is a dangerous place.

    I'm a single mother with 2 daughters and the world is a dangerous place. I cannot even let my kids go to school without danger of them being raped by men. I have my kids home schooled (Had to find a a woman to teach my kids as a man would rape them). They aren't allowed on the internet because there are too many rapist on there and I even had to kick out my husband for their sake. I normally go to the cafe to talk with my friend Sarah and she's completely oblivious of the fact that men are trying to have sex with her daughter, I've told her so many times but she never listens, I believe you should have safety for kids and teach them never to go near men.

  • People are stupid.

    To all of the people on here attempting to suggest that parents already do enough to protect their children, clearly you don't know that 800,000 children are abducted each year. You also probably don't realize that roughly 2,000 children are murdered everyday in the US. This statistic could drastically change if parents would take more responsibility, and teach their kids. You might respond by saying that parents already should teach their kids about safety, but apparently it's not enough. Parents should teach their kids how to avoid trouble, and then they should teach their kids how to get out of that trouble. My parents taught me and my sister how to avoid trouble, and taught us how to get away from strangers if we had to. Parents don't put enough effort into teaching these lessons to their kids, and that is why 1.5 million kids are ripped away from their families each year. It's irresponsible and I hope it changes.

  • Yes and No.

    Realistically, as far as the children themselves go, parents typically do as much as they can. We all want our kids to be successful, confident and safe, and teaching them as much as we can is all we can do for THEM. However I believe that parents could do more to protect them outside of giving the kids the know how and mentality to be safety conscious. Keeping your doors and windows locked, keeping firearms and medications out of sight and locked, being fit , being capable of defending yourself AND you children...All small things that parents forget. Focus needs to be equally divided among giving the child a strong head on their shoulders and well disciplined as well as doing your part as a parent to be more than just a means of comfort and food. Be strong, be smart and take every precaution needed. Far too many parents fail to even protect themselves, let alone their kids.

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