Are parents responsible for their kid's mental health?

  • Yes, Because parents are considered as building blocks for children.

    In INDIA, Most of the children grow with their parents by birth to death.
    I noticed that parents are responsible to train and teach them which are the skills and characters should have to be a valuable person in society. If at all, The person doesn't have these quality features automatically he may learn bad characters that lead him to mental stress.
    So parents are primary responsible players for there kids.

  • Yes, But with provisions.

    Parents are responsible to minimize the damage that they do to their child's mental health. Society frames this as the reasonable duty of a reasonable parent to take reasonable action to not "damage" a child. There is also the monetary requirement to support the child, But again reasonably. Also the parent should get the child help when needed.

  • Mental Health is NOT always based on surroundings.

    I have problems with my mental health, I have been through a lot in my life so with reason, I have the basic illnesses such as depression and anxiety along with others. But, One of the symptoms as anxiety/depression is having a perfect situation but still feel uneasy about something. Like even when you feel okay you also don't. Yes, Situations can add onto it but most people are mostly born into it like genes.

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