• Look at all the mistakes that parents make.

    Look at jessi slaughter. Look it up her name is jessi slaughter. Do you think that was good parenting? No it wasn't. There needs to be more discipline, more rules, because the THINGS we call children now are brats. 13 teen year olds drinking and smoking pot, 8 year old strippers, 10 year old porn starts. I say we need MORE RULES.

  • The job of parents is to train, guide and direct their children. Those failing set firm standards fail at preparing children for the real world.

    Lenient - of mild and tolerant disposition; especially : indulgent
    - http://www.Merriam-webster.Com/dictionary/lenient -

    My human nature is self centered and lazy. Without training and discipline I would continue this way through youth and adulthood. I am glad my parents taught me self discipline and I see a great lack of self motivation and self discipline in much parenting.

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  • Yes they are

    There are way to many children roaming the earth that think they are entitled because their parents give them anything and everything they want and is ruining our sociaty more than it already is parents need to know how to take care of their children and need to know what is right and what is wrong before they go off giving birth to children

  • Yes, parents today are generally too permissive.

    Most of the culture has moved from one where children were often treated with cruelty to one now where children are told they are great all the time and where parents are afraid to be authority figures but would rather be their children's friend. That does not serve the development of character.

  • Parents are stricter then ever in today's society.

    Today's teens can't make healthcare decisions (except reproductive), get a job without a parent's permission and permission from the state based on a medical exam, they can't leave their home without their parent's permission or they will be considered a "runaway" and cops will arrest them, bring them home and put them in juvenile justice and anything they buy, even with their own money, can be taken from them by their parents at any time for any reason. Before the industrial revolution people got married and had full adult rights upon puberty, today some parents are too afraid to leave theit 14 year old home alone. Many Americans believe a misinterpreted study that the brain is not fully competent till 25. The study restrained teens and adults to an MRI and had them perform a task and, while teens and adults performed EQUALLY WELL, they both used different parts of their brains in the task. They failed to explain WHY? The brain is influenced by experience and outside factors and teens have different influences then adults with school system and having parents in their lives. It's usually fully competent around 12-15 and continues to develop throughout life, not around 25.

    In all mammal species, the animal is an adult upon puberty. When a person hits puberty they realize their parents will control their lives for the next 5 years and they feel like adults and imagine how that feels? This is why teens act angry and "defiant".

    Our education system is also part of the problem. Education should just require us to know the basics, what we require naturalized citizens to know (that is US history), math just up to basic division, and English. Everything else should be voluntary. With technological advancements, people can learn through software that can tailor instruction to meet individual needs. Some of our "advancements" such as our school system making us learn things we won't use in life.

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