• They don't work together.

    Yes, partisan politics is hurting the country, because it makes politicians fearful of doing the right thing. Every administration wants to investigate and prosecute the ones before. People wanted to investigate Bush and throw him away, just for doing what he had to do to protect our nation from terrorism. It is terrible partisanship.

  • Partisan politics are hurting this country.

    Yes, the extreme partisanism we see in America today are surely hurting our country. By having such a sharp partisan divide, it seems we hardly witness acts of compromise at all anymore in politics. What should be truly important to politicians, is the will of the people who elected them, and their overall well-being (i.e. doing what is best for the greater good of society).

  • Close mindedness always hurts

    From what I have seen going on in this country, is that things are extremely partisan. You have the people who seem to be more extreme on their views controlling which way the country goes. While many people try to open minded and listen to the extreme people's point of view, their views just don't not make sense. It has all been tried before, and a lot of what they like does not work, or is archaic thinking. These extreme people hardly ever try to see it from the rest of the countries point of view either.

  • They prevent solutions

    Too often people are more interested in abiding by party lines than they are interested in getting to know an issue or finding ways to solve a problem. It becomes easy to reject or accept something based on simple ideological beliefs, but this does not promote the best decision making and efficiency.

  • Yes, partisan politics are hurting the country.

    I believe that partisan politics are definitely hurting the United States of America. I think that more and more politicians these days care more about getting the politics they want and the team they want to win more than they do about what is best for the people of the United States.

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