Are parts of REAL sharia law, not the Western myths surrounding it, compatible with modern values?

Asked by: acidman
  • Misunderstanding of Sharia

    Contrary to popular belief, under sharia law, rape victims do not get punished. Instead, the rapist gets stoned to death, which you have to admit, even a modern person would want if their sister, wife, etc. Was raped. As for adultery, here is the definition of adultery: One or more married person having sex with someone besides their spouse. In this case, the man gets whipped and the woman gets house arrest HOWEVER, there is a catch. There have to be at least four eyewitnesses who saw the penis in the woman's vulva, and that is most likely never going to happen. And besides, cheating on your wife/husband should be a crime anyway, its widely greed that its despicable. As for apostasy, that is not subject to punishment on this world according to many Muslim scholars. Instead, committing hate speech against the religion is subject to imprisonment, and treason is subject to the death penalty. As for the former, back then, it was considered your business if you disagreed with your old faith, but there was no need to insult the religion, because people took information more seriously in the time of less technology. As for honor killings, they are strictly forbidden in Islam and are a cultural phenomenon. Under Islamic economic policy, many of our problems would be solved. Getting rid of interest is possible. What is done to replace this is the concept of profit sharing between the bank and borrower, through the use of equity. This will get rid of inflation and the excessive burden the borrower endures under American capitalism while the banks make a profit off of their misery. It also makes more sense for them to share in the loss or gain equally. Islam also charges a 2.5% tax on all personal wealth that goes to charity, and this is very humane. Islam, however, respects the economic rights of people, and in the early Islamic era, Muslim countries were very capitalistic.

  • Society needs to do thorough research

    I would like to thank this person sincerely for actually researching and learning about real Sharia Law.
    Majority of people who are anti-Muslim do not research thoroughly into subjects like this and come to conclusions based on what they see and hear in the media without acknowledging just how biased communities can be.
    I agree, stoning people for adultery is out of touch with modern values however, it should not be taken out of context as the judicial system develops with time and these penalties would have been considered reasonable a long time ago.
    In Medieval times, the Church ordered harsh penalties such as quartering and other forms of mutilation for crimes we would consider petty in modern times. As time progressed, these punishments 'grew out of the system'.
    The same should apply with some of the harsher punishments in Sharia Law, although extreme judicial systems in countries such as Saudi Arabia exercise their power in ways that end up oppressing society and giving Islam a bad name.
    It is true that majority of Muslims disagree with their extreme methods of dealing with crime which is why they find countries run without or with minimal Sharia Law as safer places to practice religion peacefully.
    With that said, many would be able to see that Islam is indeed a peaceful religion, contrary to what the media portrays. By allowing extremism to block the truth behind it, we are giving in to what the media wants us to believe.

  • Sharia Law can be compatible, but only in general, not in a specific sense

    I am not an expert on Sharia Law, but to keep this topic from being completely innane, I want to share what I have read about the topic. 1. The rapist does get punished severely for rape; it is forbidden. The victim is not punished. What has created the misconception is that certain countries choose to charge the women who report rape with adultery or illicit sex, which is a different crime entirely. This is not Sharia Law, but abuse of the justice system. Sex with slaves was not considered adultery, but they were not permitted to rape them as some people contend. 3. There are also provisions that prevent husbands from mistreating their wives, and require retribution to the wives if she is mistreated. In general, most Muslims would like to view their religion as peaceful, and would never want anything crude or violent to be considered a part of Islam. They are modern, and have been mostly since the 1930's, but have been strongly reactionary to the hypocrisy of Western Countries that are exploiting "modern" values or "liberation" to keep people poor, take over resources, or tell Muslims what to do and what to wear. The reactionary stance has caused them to adopt fundamentalist dress and values outwardly, although they still believe in the precepts of Western modernism. Most people are unaware that violent and abusive things occur in some countries as much of the media is censored to them and not everyone has access to the stories that we are hearing. There are certainly plenty of backward things in the societies, but it is not from Islam and Sharia Law. The stoning and lashing as a punishment is certainly backward, and plenty of Sharia Law is not modern at all. But anything you'd expect to be abhorrent is considered wrong according to Islam, it just might be interpreted maliciously by different localities.

  • No one has a clue really - do they?

    Chopping off hands is the least of your worries under Sharia.

    Desert law would result in the overnight collapse of all modern economies, industry, medicine, technology and scientific research.

    One question, how would the Sharia system finance all the things that Western democracies have created for the last thousand years?

  • Just because i want to

    I completely disagree because i dont care about anything this says and you shouldnt either. This is just stupid what he is saying. Stoning people and punishing people for adultery is stupid. Interest is a major part of all world economies and removing it would be catasrophic and illogical. Sharia law can not conform with modern values one bit.

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