• I would know...

    Being a PK, and knowing other PK's, I would know. We all agree that we are stereotyped all the time, be it at church, school, or even by family. If you ask me to recite the books of the Bible, I won't be able to help you. But if you ask me to change the paraments, acording to events, I will. Most people find it unusual to run to the church at 10:00 pm, just to grab a book that your mom/dad needs. But this is not unusual for us. When we see someone from the congregation in the store, we have to be little darlings, so we are not judged. We are expected to be he youth that always volenteers to read aloud, or pray at church dinners. When we don't personally volunteer, we are volenteered. People automatically think we always have a babysitter, or are always watched after, when in reality, we can rarely sit down for a family dinner, because our mom/dad, is always at meetings, the hospital, or working on sermons. PK's are stereotyped more often than not, at least, that's my opinion.

  • Yes, they definitely are.

    Growing up, my two best friends were the children of my mother's pastor. Many people believe them to be scriptural, normal, and punctual. They think that they all do well in school becaue they grew up around good morals. Let me tell you about my two best friends:
    Tim, a smart, sociable boy is in a very serious relationship with an amazing guy. He has faith in God, even though many would condemn him for being gay.
    Anna- a very outgoing girl, never could sit around very long. As a kid, she was always a trouble maker, and never stopped being one. She hangs around the "freaks" smoking and vandalizing. She and her girlfriend have been caught doing drugs too many times to count.

    Tell them about PK stereotypes.

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