Are Pat Buchanan's views on Jewish people and World War II tantamount to anti-Semitism?

  • Yes, they definitely are.

    Pat Buchanan has always been intolerant to other people and different races, ethnic groups and sexual orientations. He also has a horrible track record with advice for and about women. He is constantly saying things to try to demean other groups. Anti-semitism is just another layer of icing on his bigotry cake.

  • He's a doddering old bigot.

    Yes, Pat Buchanan's views on Jewish people and World War II are tantamount to anti-Semitism. The man is an old school bigot. And it's not that he can't change because he's old and from another time, it's because he's a deranged bigot. In 2014, he should not be considered to add anything of value to our national dialog.

  • Yes they are

    I think Pat Buchanan was raised by people in an era where it was okay not to like certain groups of people, or to learn stereotypes about certain groups of people. It is hard to reverse this sort of thinking. And some, like Buchanan, cling to it as time passes, unfortunately.

  • Pat Buchanan's views on the war are based on fact.

    While blaming any Jew for the problems of Germany is wrong, it cannot be ignored that some of Germany's problems were contributed to by the Jewish population. They became an easy target. They represented a face for the mass xenophobia that sprung out of the German sense of nationalism after their defeat in WWI. Pat Buchanan reports on the truth. He does not generalize the entire Jewish community as at fault. That would be anti-semitism. Instead, he gives accurate accounts backed by research and historical documents that illustrate why Germany could easily blame the Jews.

  • He's Hit On Touchy Subjects

    It is obvious that Pat Buchanan has hit on some touch subjects when it comes to the Holocaust and he's spent some time defending ex-Nazi's but he's never come out and said anything that was directly anti-Semitic. Secondly many of colleagues, some of which are Jewish, have stood in his defense, which I believe says volumes about him.

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