• paternity testing requirements

    I personally agree,There have been times when adopted children separated at birth met each other, got married, and had children, and only later found out they were brother and sister. A paternity test would prevent that from happening. Requiring a paternity test would help prevent this sort of error from even occuring.

  • Paternity Testing Requirements

    I personally think that a child should have a paternity test done before adoption. There are many options available for the parents to maintain contact with an adopted baby. A paternity test would likely fall into a category of cost for the state or townships and counties, etc. I do not believe this would solve anything and only create more problems.

  • No because it is being based on her income and she has custody.

    Paternity testing is simply a way for the government to try to get out of paying for as much assistance. While it is good to assist with such matters, it should be up to the woman if she wants to disclose personal information that has no bearing on the amount of her income.

  • No, they are pointless and costly

    It serves no purpose to have paternity tests for women on public assistance. What difference could it possibly make? The children will still need assistance regardless of who the parents are. It is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars. Just another way for some corporation to make money by selling paternity tests.

  • No, they are not.

    Paternity testing requirements are an asinine and dravonian requirement for women on public assistence. They already have to go through the wringer to get this assistence, so why put them through even more hell to get it? No one wants to live through something like that, or be a subject like a lab rat.

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