Are PC games helping children improve concentration?

  • Yes, I believe so.

    As it may seem that kids are more unresponsive and lazy, just staying in their living room, sitting in front of the T.V. playing games. But! You must keep in mind, there are all kinds of games. You didn't mention video games in specific, so you could say shoots and ladders is, well I don't know. Haha. There are learning games, some so that your children can learn the abc's, math, and language. This helps your children concentrate and learn to speak and or write. But if you want to talk about those video games, like the violent ones for example, you must keep in mind that it REQUIRES CONCENTRATION in order to even play the game in the first place. Sorry Pranu, but there are many more benefits that I have mentioned just now. I'll give you one last one. You say laziness is taking over, but when anybody, and I mean anybody, plays violent video games, they learn how to react faster to things around them. And of course, there's many more facts that I do not have the time to explain.

  • Laziness is taking over

    Children sit in front of PCs and refuse to go out. This always results into laziness and children feel down. They are not at all enthusiastic about playing with their friends unless it is a PC GAME. So in my opinion PC games are NOT helping children improve their concentration.

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