• Where is the proof there are not ducks

    Have you seen a penguin before in real life, the most likely answer is no, therefore how can you conclude that penguins are not ducks. Penguin and ducks belong in the same genus and share more than 90% of genes, therefore could penguins not in fact be ducks. Could in fact the penguins be a exotic duck? You haven't seen a penguin before therefore how can you conclude a penguin isn't a duck

  • Penguins are ducks

    Clearly penguins belong on the same genus as ducks, therefore would it not be fair to say that penguins could indeed be a species of duck, what evidence is there to conclude that penguins aren't ducks I must say. Have you seen a penguin in you life, I doubt you have, therefore one cannot say penguins are not ducks in which validates my case that there is not evidence to conclude penguins are not ducks.

  • Oh For Sure

    Dude penguins just hide their ability to fly, they really can and they are direct relatives it says in the bible look it up, thank you for getting convinced. I strongly believe that penguins are ducks and you should all feel the same way because I am. Thanks. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

  • Ducks are penguins and penguins are ducks,ducks are birds and penguins are birds.

    Penguins and ducks are the same and they are related to other birds. ALL birds have water proof feathers. But penguins just have a stronger water proofed coat. All birds are different by their gift but they are still birds in a way. An ostrich has water proof feathers but it isn't that strong. And it's gift is being giant and having strong claws and a beak and also running really fast. You could say similarity's for humans too. This person has a specific race but is still human, say one has have rough skin and the other has softer skin, they speak a different language, they have curly hair and a rough texture the other has straight and it is smooth. But they are still human. Same with birds. Same with Cats. Domesticated cat, with long hair and sheds everyday and one that has no hair and never sheds but is still cat. AND they are related to big tigers and other big cats. And they are still called cats.

  • Penguins are clearly ducks.

    From the similar diets to their oily water repellent feathers, ducks and penguins are too similar to be different. "Duck" is an umbrella term for many different birds, and penguins clearly fall under it. Penguins are ducks, and that's all there is to say. Science. ( o)> ( o)> ( o)>

  • Penguins are actually Ducks

    Penguins are actually shape shifting ducks who like the cold and forgot how to fly. You can't prove me wrong because you know nothing about ducks and penguins. I am an expert on Penguins and Ducks because I read to picture books on penguins and Ducks, so I'm basically an expert on Penguin and Duck anatomy.


    Penguins are ducks becuase ducks are birds and penguins are also birds. Although ducks can fly and penguins cant, they are of the same genus. Plus recent studies show that penguins have similar DNA as ducks. Plus scientists believe that penguins are older forms of ducks, that migrated south to colder regions

  • They are not ducks...But are related to them.

    If we are to believe anything these sources say:


    They have common ancestral characteristics to loons, which includes solid bones like those of penguins which help them dive in water more efficiently. However, penguins have more mass than ducks and have lost their feathering, so there's not that many similarities.

  • Yes Sir they are

    I would like proof that they are not ducks. Penguins are a theory, not a proven fact, therefore, penguins may very well be ducks, I believe they are ducks. Penguins are ducks, penguins are ducks. BOOOIIIII BOOOIIII BOOOOOOIIII. Yeah, they're ducks, end of story. All penguins are ducks, but not all ducks are penguins.

  • They are guys

    THE FUKKIN ARE NIQQA c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c cc c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c

  • U idiots penguins are birds not ducks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEY ARE A TYPE OF BIRDS THAT DON'T FLY LIKE EMUS OSTRICHES LISTEN TO THE MAN ME I AM scienceist WITH MY PHdso i know more then almost every one of you so shove this thing up your throat . If you dont want to just try it thank you.

  • You idiots penguins are birds not ducks.

    They are flightless birds like emus or ostriches. Listen people of Earth, probably the 74% of the people you agreed are idiots that don t know left from right. Even after reading this post you still say yes you need to go back to elementary to get a basic education.

  • What the crap.

    Um... It's a penguin. Not a duck. Think about it. They don't look anything alike and they live in completely different climates . They are completely different species, no doubt about it. Penguins are penguins and ducks are ducks. There is no question about this. It is a penguin just deal with it.

  • Are you for real?

    This is a joke, right? Have you ever SEEN A PENGUIN?! Mostly arctic dwelling, can't fly, SWIM UNDER WATER!!! Live in huge colonies! What about these is at all relevant to a duck? Wow

    15 more words to add to this dumb opinion! I mean! COMMON! Is this real life?

  • Penguins are not ducks

    You idiots! Penguins are not ducks.
    Penguins are Penguins
    Ducks are ducks
    Deal with it!
    They are two different things!
    Apparantly I need 27 more words so....
    Kjfhdgscgdyscg chchc c c c c cc c c c c c c c cc c cc c c c c c c

  • They're called penguins, not ducks

    Seriously people, they're not ducks. Have you ever seen a penguin in a duck pond with bread in its mouth saying, "QUAAAAACK"??? :l

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Penguins are not ducks.

    Penguins are not ducks because ducks are part of the Anatidae family and penguins are Sphenisciformes. The Anatidae are the biological family of birds that includes ducks, geese and swans. The family has a cosmopolitan distribution, occurring on all the world's continents. Sphenisciformes are referred to as an order of flightless aquatic birds comprising the penguins. Go away

  • Penguins are not ducks

    Penguins are not ducks for multiple reasons. For one, ducks have pectin along the inside of their mouth to help catch food. Penguins catch food by diving. Also, penguins cant fly. Ducks often stay on top of water and float on the water and just duck (ha ha ha) under water to feed. On the other hand, penguins completely submerge themselves.

  • Penguins are NOT ducks.

    Penguins are penguins.
    Ducks are ducks.
    They are 2 different things, not the same.

    Okay, I apparently need 30 more words to complete this, so let me just emphasize.
    A penguin is a penguin.
    A duck is a duck.
    They are NOT the same animal. Have you seen what they look like in real life? Sure, they may share some qualities but that doesn't mean they're the same thing.

  • No, they aren't

    They just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren'tThey just aren't

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Porpoise says2016-03-26T07:13:49.010
Penguins are much tougher than ducks and don't mind the cold. Ducks are wimps and need a nice pond with people feeding them bits of bread.
skipsaweirdo says2016-04-12T06:26:36.260
I couldn't answer this because I was quacking up.
HecticHero says2016-10-27T17:50:43.117
What the heck is this question and why are people taking it seriously?

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