Are Pentecostals inherently arrogant people?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Can any Pentecostal here

    Answer for me? I've seen God's work through people and that I don't deny. What I don't like, and I'd be lying to myself if I said that no I don't feel this way, subconsciously, is the arrogant people in the church. I've had a fair share of them in New York City, when I lived there. I don't know about the ones here in Florida. They're somewhat nicer, at least the church I go to now.

  • They demand respect without giving respect themselves

    I came from a Pentecostal church. I use to treat everyone with respect while they treated me with judgement and arrogance. They lure you in like a snake when they ask you to open up with your troubles and then they judge and dehumanize you. I opened up about my depression and they told me that I chose depression. Pentecostals are only nice when they get there way . When they see that you take to long to heal they start judging and throwing stones.

  • Obviously They Are:

    I actually joined and street preached for a Pentecostal church: We all had the attitude that we were above the ordinary folk, because we had the Holy Spirit and they didn't. We could speak in nonsensical (glossolalia) tongues and they could only speak earthly languages.
    Until I tested the church and realized that I was being taken for a ride, with fake Holy Spirit and Fake Tongues and led to believe that we were on some right track for the Holy Land, when the truth is we were only on the right track to the Funny Farm or Lunatic Asylum.
    Pentecostalism is fraudulent, they have the wrong concept of what really happened at the Pentecost.
    No new languages/tongues were ever spoken at the Pentecostal event, it was Jews realizing that they all had a first language, kept alive by their parents while also having a second language from their local culture. So all Jews outside of Judaic culture are bilingual withe Hebrew as their first language.
    They were in a building from different countries and not really communicating well, with their different second languages, but when a natural gas explosion occurred (loud noise and fire on heads) one of them blasphemed in Hebrew and they all understood him. Thus they all realized that they had Hebrew in common and so spoke in Hebrew for the rest of the meeting, where all could understand and they spilled out onto the streets after the meeting, chatting happily in Hebrew.
    The Pentecostal tongues are not Hebrew, as I had a friend who speaks Hebrew come to a meeting with me as well as try to interpret my own Tongue speak. None of the members spoke in Hebrew.
    The entire Pentecostal movement is sheer Nonsense.
    But because they think they are going to Heaven and endowed with a false Holy Spirit, they think they are better than others, thus extremely arrogant.

    As I was once myself as a believer!

  • It's not that they are arrogant.

    It's just that they have the ability to curse you in about 3,000 different languages - none of which bears any great resemblance to any known human language. Why are we forced to enter fifty word answers, when we can say perfectly well what we need to say in twenty?

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Too much emphasis on extended family